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Does dehydration affect ACR results?

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Hi everyone,

Four months ago, I went for a urinalysis and my results were:

- Albumin (urine): 80 mg/L

- Creatinine (urine): 13.4 mmol/L

- ACR: 6 mg/mmoL

Yesterday, I had the same test, but I was shocked with the results:

- Albumin (urine): 571 mg/L

- Creatinine (urine): 15.1 mmol/L

- ACR: 37.8 mg/mmoL

I was having a hard time yesterday producing urine for the sample, and my urine was darker in color. I suspect that I was dehydrated.

My question is: Does hydration affect the albumin:creatinine ratio?

I tried checking online, but I'm getting confusing answers. Some sites say hydration level affects the urine microalbumin test, other sites say that the "creatinine ratio' corrects any issues (including dehydration) with the urine concentration.

I've asked my doctor to allow me to retest, but she'll likely respond after a few days.

If you know, please share your knowledge.


P.S.: My eGFR is normal.

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When you are dehydrated, your urine is more concentrated and it will have different lab values. Labs can change based on what you drink or don't drink, what you eat and so forth. Speak with your doctor to retest. And make sure you are hydrated in a normal way. In other words, don't drink a ton of water and dilute yourself, because that will also give a different lab.

That's what I thought, too. I hope that's the reason for the large spike in my urine albumin.

Thank you for taking the time answer my question!

Hydration is not supposed to affect ACR, but in reality it can and does. You should re-take the test. In general, you shouldn't be that dehydrated before any test - it will affect blood tests also.

I don't know the metric "normal" and out of range numbers for the ACR test and calculations (in the US we are backwards). If the first test was normal, then you definitely should re-take the test. Good luck.

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mispelled in reply to Jonquiljo

The first reading was already elevated, but the second reading was at least 4x higher, so I was alarmed. I will definitely ask my doctor for a retest. Thanks!

Hi - I also became dehydrated in early December - according to my specialist it was mu circulatory system that was dehydrated from not drinking enough water - not cool drinks tea or coffee but plain water. After being in hospital for 24 hours on a saline drip my creatinine level dropped quite a lot and now I make sure I have enough water per 24 hours. It is annoying at night but if I have to get up then I drink water again.

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