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Kidney Disease
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Keeping hydrated with kidney disease

Right now in the the northeast of the United States, we are in a very dry bad drought. The temperatures have been staying in the 90's with high humidity. When the weather is like this, it is important to stay hydrated. But that can be tricky with kidney disease depending on the stage you are in. For stages 1-4, you should be consuming water or other liquids on a regular basis unless told not to for some reason by your doctor. For those on dialysis, your liquid consumption will be restricted. kidney.org/content/6-tips-b... Remember things like popsicles and crushed ice are a great way to cool off and get hydrated at the same time. realsimple.com/food-recipes...

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Thanks for the important advice, Bassetmommer!


Frozen grapes also work well.


Frozen grapes are a great idea! Does anyone else have other suggestions?


Right now it is cheery season so I freeze pitted cherries. I must have about twenty pounds ( no kidding I like cherries) in my freezer. They are great in water or in a smoothie. Or just pop it in your mouth.


That sounds good!


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