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Bloodwork done: looks stable


Every time I get blood work done, I get so nervous thinking that my kidney disease has progressed. Thankfully, this week's results show that my numbers are pretty stable. I'm still at CKD stage 3, which has been the case for 4 years. But at least for now, it's not getting worse! :)

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That's great news mhenny. I stayed stable at stage 4 for 16years. Try not to worry or fixate on numbers. Enjoy feeling relatively well and don't let your kidneys stop you doing anything. Flow the consultants advice with medication, diet and exercise. I know this is why I remained so stable for so long


Thank you, Charlene!

Bet117NKF Ambassador

Yay Mhenny! Keep up the good work!! We are all behind you!

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Thank you! :)

Great news! Thank you for sharing and we hope it continues that way for you!

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Thank you, Kelli!

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