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Kidney Disease
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Dialysis update

Hello all! I'm excited to say that I'm an official Perotineal Dialysis patient and my chest catheter was removed yesterday! My levels have stablized besides my potassium, which is on the lower side (nothing a banana can't fix). I was also told by my coordinator that I can officially be listed! I'm really excited that now I can accept any potential living donors that are approved. My father and brother are up first, so here's to hoping that one or both of them are matches. I am very relieved at how well everything is working out. I'm now able to shower, do household tasks on my own and I'm feeling much better. While I had never imagined needing a chest catheter in the first place, I'm very thankful for what it did for me these that two months.

Just a little update from me; hope everyone is enjoying their 2018!

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I'm glad everythng is all sorted for you and you have the chest drain out and beginning you PD journey.

I hope your dad and brother getting on well, just be warned it's a very emotional process. I was warned and consider myself a strong positive person but it broke me a couple of times.

Sounds like your adapting well to your new life style and hope you get your donor soon

Take charlene

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Wow you sound a lot better than you did a while back. This is great news and I am really pleased for you. Best of luck with finding a match. It is great that your family are offering to help. Take care.

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Hello, Ladybug_05. I'm CKD 4. A year after bladder removal in 2015 (cancer), I had to have my right kidney removed as a direct result of the type of BC I had. My eGFR is in the 27-29 range. I have a greater risk than average to develop cancer in my remaining kidney. It's the reason I try and stay informed about what may be next (hemodyalisis). Did you start out on hemo. before switching to peritoneal? Are you performing dyalisis at night while you sleep? I understand you get training (from the dyalisis center I believe). Does your husband have to be directly involved in this procedure? My wife and I are 78 years old. How old are you? Thanks.

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Hello Dixidude39!

I did start out on hemodialysis, but it was not by my willing choice. I had initially made plans to only do Perotineal Dialysis, but became sick quickly enough to where I needed treatments before my scheduled catheter placement for PD.

There is training at the PD clinic and from where I am you are assigned a nurse who will train and work with you on PD. It's usually an 8-10 day training in-center (can be less if you catch on fast) before they have you doing exchanges at home.

At first, they have you doing manual exchanges 4 times a day to ensure that you know how to do them before switching to night treatments, since it uses a cycler machine to do the exchanges. I'll be switching to nights in a few weeks.

You are trained on how to do everything yourself and your loved one is not allowed to aid in exchanges without being trained as well. I'm 20 years old (almost 21) and in the process of transferring to online university, so I'm living at a parent's house at the moment. If my boyfriend were to visit and help, or if my parents needed to help, the most they would be able to help with is moving my portable table that has my supplies (after washing hands).

PD is definitely more of a personal commitment than hemo, but you have a lot more freedom and tend to feel better since it's gentler on the body and closely mimics what the kidney would be doing in cleaning the blood.

I hope this answers your questions!

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Thank you, Lady_05. I have copied your message, and have placed it in my active (learning at this point) diaysisfile. Sorry you have to deal with kidney failure at such a young age. However, with overnight


Woops (Con't). However, you have taken a path that should help normalize your life. And, who knows? Maybe there will even be a breakthrough treatment ahead that will be even better.


I was born with only one kidney with CKD, so this wasn't really a surprise. I've heard of breakthroughs in creating organs through stem cells/tissues, so I'm hoping that with how quickly science is moving that by the time I need another transplant, this would also be an option since it would eliminate the need for anti-rejection drugs due to the organ being made through your own cells.

Good luck to you as well! I hope that you find the best option for you :)


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