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Normal GFR/ lower creatinine clearance

GFR range between 117-124 and creatinie blood .5-.6 but creatinine clearance was 72 ml\min while pregnant. Normal being 80-120. Since my pregnancy my GFR has been 117 but have not had another creatinine test. Should I be concerned? Could this have been a fluke? Can GFR and creatinine clearance differ that much? I appreciate any feedback

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I am no expert..appears that your kidney function is normal. Your creatine clearance is not outrageously low. What is your protein level?

Give your doctor a call and review your results with him/her as that is what they are getting paid for. Touching bases can't hurt!

Let us know how you make out! We care!


My microalbumin/creatinine Ratio has been normal as well 24 hr total protein check. Is that what you meant? My overall blood protein is normal too. I thought GFR and creatinine clearance were close to the same and was wondering how my GFR and clearance could differ so much. I get nervous and have been diabetic for 26 years . Trying to stay as healthy as possible. My current dr acted like everything was good and it was my Former OBGYN that tested me for the creatinine clearance just now seeing the results 2 years later. Since then I’ve had routine BUN /microalbumin/blood work and everything comes back normal, except for specific gravity which dr said could be from drinking so much water.think I might be a hypochondriac. Thank you for responding, and so quickly! I appreciate you and this group


No worry.

My pleasure. Glad that I could be of support!

When in doubt, call your doctor.

You know the drill with diabetes, diet is so important! ( my brother is a severe insulin diabetic) Veggies, some fruits and balance.

Enjoy your beautiful baby!

...and keep in touch!



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