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Kidney Disease
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The 4 CKD Elements

Sodium, Potassium and Protein are usually listed on food nutrition labels, but seldom is Phosphorous. I avoid most prepared foods (like Progresso soups, Lean Cuisine frozen dinners, etc.). No colas, just diet lemon. I miss Fiber One and most Kashi cereals. I assume that processing fiber is hard on those, like myself, who are CKD 4. Strange for me that I need to watch protein intake, whereas those on dialysis need to be sure they get lots of protein. Oh, well.

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Hi Dixiedude39. Agree with your post There are a lot of things we miss due to our renal diets, but many new things to add to our food choices. The diet is well worth it.



I enjoy taking my favorite recipes and modify them to have a kidney friendly diet.


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