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New to the CKD World and THIRSTY


Hello all. I was diagnosed summer of 2018 and am stage 3. I was already a pescatarian so implementing a low sodium/low protein diet wasn’t difficult. I’ll likely go full-on vegan. Aside from the overwhelming fatigue (low RBC x 18 mo) and muscle cramps in my feet, I am fiercely thirsty all of the time. It’s maddening but my nephrologist has told me (twice) to limit water intake to 64 oz. or less per day. I’m over-flushing myself. I also have zero appetite and most days am unable to meet my calorie needs. I’m 59, 5’4”, and 130 lbs. Does anyone else have unquenchable thirst and how do you manage it?

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BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

Hi Babbette,

Has anyone checked to see if your diabetic? It could be another reason for the thirst. Be careful of your potassium which fish can have a high content. 64 oz of water is a lot and it is what I try to drink everyday. Sometimes it is too much because I forget other liquids that I consume. Things with sugar and pasta and other white carbs also make me thirsty. Let us know how it goes.

Many thanks for your kind reply. No sign at all of diabetes. My fish consumption is typically about one meal per week, I rarely have a food item with added sugar, and my pasta or rice meals don’t seem to be associated with the thirst. I’ve been including my morning cup of coffee and the occasional apple juice or herb tea in my fluid total. I could easily drink 12 oz. of water per hour (and that’s about what I was doing) without any trouble— all day/every day.

Hello! I'm currently on dialysis and I have issues with thirst all the time! Having a fluid restriction can make your body react in the way of feeling thirst if you've been over hydrating. It can take some getting used to, but 64 oz of water alone is a fairly good amount for someone on CKD. When I was on hemodialysis in clinic and even now on Perotineal Dialysis, it's recommended to keep hard candy, mints, altoids or the like on hand to suck on, which helps to quench your thirst. I keep a package of gum and the icebreaker duo candy mints in my purse and they've worked wonders. Timed eating also helped me when my appetite was nonexistent. When the body is stressed, your appetite can either soar or completely goes dormant, so having a routine can help your body regain some normalcy and develop an appetite again. Start small with something simple like soup, crackers or a small fruit like grapes or something and build from there. It's important that you keep a food diary as well, since a lack of appetite can mean a significant worsening of your condition if it goes on for too long. I hope this helps!

Thanks Ladybug_05, I’ve been using gum and mints quite a bit but hadn’t thought about how stress impacts the entire system. My work and home life are anything but peaceful. Something to work on..... I keep track of all intake via an app: MyFitnessPal recommended by my nephrologist. Makes monitoring quick and easy.

Myfitnesspal is an amazing app! I use it from time to time when I need to make a bigger change.

Don’t know your specific dietary guidelines but frozen fruit works great. Just pick what you can eat: I have tried grapes,lemons, peaches, and bananas. Grapes are the easiest. I love grapes. I put a serving in a smal cup or bowl and freeze them. The others do better when sliced. Melons get mushy.