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My Diet Chef parcel arrived on Friday... Day 2

Good afternoon everyone, so having seen my weight which was never good, creep up to 16 stone 6...and not even my fat dresses fitting me, I've decided to just for the first time do a proper diet. Having damaged ligaments in my ankle, i needed to find something that would help me until I'm able to exercise properly again (6-8 weeks). I enjoy cooking but as I'm single i tend to cook enough for 2 and then eat most of it... so portions are my problem... plus my love of crisps....

So I chose Diet chef... got the half price offer for the first month, and because I'm such a porker, I get to eat my three meals one snack and then add veggies, fruit, milk and dairy for another 700 cals per day.

So Day one, and I was slightly hungover and really knackered from a long week at work, so started with the banana and vanilla porridge which was very nice... i do love porridge, but i have to say my portions were a little more shall we say generous...but it was filling. I was out at lunchtime, so chose a tuna and cucumber sandwich and a large bottle of water. In the afternoon I had one of the snacks, a salt and vinegar popcorn... and it was really really nice..:) now wished I had ordered more of them...

For dinner I had a big green salad with balsamic vinegar and the pasta bolognese... which was.. ok, wasn't horrible but i could make better....lol although was about a third of the size of my normal portion.

Day two, granola for brekkie, and i'm about to have steak and ale with new potatoes and veggies..

My only concern is that it feels like im eating a lot of manufactured dinners, but hopefully with adding fruit and veggies it will sort me out.

Would be really interested if anyone else on here has tried it... am going to track how much i spend on food v diet chef + residual food :)

Good luck everyone else :)

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Hi loxleylady,

Personally, I don't believe in paying for "diet" foods - in my view they're a waste of money and I would much rather prepare / cook my own food as it gives me more choice to eat what I fancy.

I've lost 17 kgs and not paid a penny to Weightwatchers, Slimming World or anyone else.

But, each to their own and if they teach you something about portion control then I guess that is a worthwhile benefit.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Hiya-never tried Diet Chef (too tight -like my clothes! ) but I cook a lot from fresh .My 'go to' when I am too hungry to cook though is either M & S Count On Us ( some are 3 for a tenner) or Aldi who have a couple of varieties in usually. I tend to cook then freeze portions for my own 'go to' meals .Unless it's a pan of veggies curry/minestrone/ ratatouille etc. which is not quite so critical to measure .You are right though -when portion control is the issue, such meals can be very useful.Good luck !


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