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It's all in the planning

Well Easter wasn't easiest time to avoid dietary pitfalls. I never brought Easter egg etc as knew I'd not be able to resist but hubby very kindly decided to share his! Now several no thanks followed by oh go on then meant I did give in. Now today opposite I had cake for a mates birthday and gave it away :-) then when found a pack of kitkats from last months birthday I gave them away :-) I'm guessing its all in the planning..... I'd made up mind yesterday was last 'oh go on' day and unless I'm pinned down and force feed I shall take full responsibility for what I eat which in the first two weeks of diet worked so well, not a good third week but hey that was a reminder that I'm in charge and as a natural planner I know what I need to do! So positive attitude don't want to hear nothing negative will avoid people that are 'downers' :-)

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You go for it ;), if you don't mind me asking how much did you lose in the first couple of weeks?


Well I'd pigged out week before so actual loss was 7 lbs but put 3 back on so now knuckling down again :-) the chewing gum saved me last night when I found yet another pack of kitkats! Prob was at work when it's your birthday we bring choc in and I'd brought way too much ( think greedy tum was at work there lol) so thank heavens for wrigleys :-)


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