Taking control of my life

I currently feel out of control of my life. I am a student midwife and the work is really intense along with the studying too. I don't love myself very much at the moment either and am currently 5ft 1 and150lbs. If I look at pictures of myself i realise that i look more pregnant than some of the full term women i look after.

I am constantly tired and have to confess to comfort eating. So after my daughter showing me a video of me dancing at Christmas on the Wii, next to my beautiful sister and niece, I finally have to acknowledge that the weight will not disappear by itself.

I have chosen this way to lose weight because I have never stuck to anything very long before and that includes jobs. So by writing a blog and following the nhs plan, I am hoping that I can take control of my life and follow something through without quitting. So tonight is the preparation and tomorrow the adventure begins.


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  • Hi

    You go for it, everyone here is in the same boat so to speak, so always feel free to ask / moan / cheer as required, im sure we all know where your coming from.

    good luck on this change and im sure you will be strutting your stuff next Christmas as the hotty sister on the wii

    good luck

  • Thank you x

  • kassiapia,

    So then - it's time to get on the weight-loss bus.

    Lots of very good and free advice on the NHCChoices live well and lose weight pages and lots of experiences from people who are really doing it on these blogs, too. Both are worth having a good read of.

    Good luck with your weight loss journey.

  • Thank you x

  • Welcome and well done on taking a big step and posting how you feel.

    Wishing you the best of luck x

  • Thank you x

  • Important thing to remember is that others will tempt you in belief that you are unhappy if missing out, they feel guilty you are not eating favourite things etc.etc but remember even if now and then you give in it will only be minor slip so don't worry just keep going and you will get to your goal :-) I got fed up of saying no to well meaning mates etc so now I fib and say I don't eat things as they upset my tummy lol

  • I started a week ago and am taking the view that good and bad days will come along but as long as there are more good days than bad the weight should come off. Whenever you feel you are getting out of control, picture yourself in a lovely outfit by Christmas looking fit and healthy. Good luck.

  • Hi tubby2,

    The weight WILL come off, almost certainly, if you just change around the eating and activity/exercise habits from the bad ones that made you overweight (and which will continue to make you weightier if you don't change them) to ones that will help you stop lumbering around with you all that excess and unhealthy weight.

    I was looking at some photos taken not all that long ago - towards the end of last year - at 'my old fat friend' as I now term my former 106.1 Kg self.

    And a little voice in my head asks me, "Why didn't you do something about that years ago?"

    And I don't think I've really got any answer to that question.

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