Friday Weigh In

Friday Weigh In

Cannot believe I've managed to lose 8lbs since 13th March, I know the loss is mostly water but it is a great start and will hopefully help me to be sensible next week as I am on holiday and find Hotel breakfasts difficult to navigate even though I generally eat very little for breakfast. I think the weight loss has been a combination of drinking very little alcohol, counting calories and moving more, I will be moving more next week but hopefully not in the direction of the pub. Hope everyone has a good week x


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3 Replies

  • Hi Tubby2, that's a great start! Water or not you've been successful at the start which will be a great motivator :) Keep it up on holiday but don't beat yourself up if you slip a little! Good luck x

  • Thanks, sorry for delay in response, it's hard to get a signal in Scotland. I must admit that holidays really frighten me as I know my resolve goes out of the window when I have time on my hands. Anyway, I'm going to enjoy myself within reason and be a lot more sensible when i get back. Hope you are doing well too xx

  • Hi, thanks for the support, I am back from my holiday and as expected I have gained 4lbs which considering the full breakfasts and evening meals is not too bad, the trick now is getting back on track. I hope everyone has a lovely Easter and renewed willpower on Tuesday. Take care x

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