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O.K. - I'll confess! - I'll change my plea to guilty!

I was out of the office at a meeting. And the lunch was just 'finger food', but it was really nicely done and really tasty.

I didn't do any of the cakes / biscuits but I did do a fair bit of the wraps, and mini-quiche and things like that.

So, this evening, it's been a more moderate meal than originally planned!

We'll just see what the scales have to say about it in the morning.

And if they're not happy .... then tomorrow is payback day.

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we are all human - good to know despite all your great advice that you have pay back days as well


Hi suzybenj,

Oh, you'd better believe it!

I probably did fairly well though - I mean I could have easily put away quite a bit more. It was really tasty!

Ho hum. Tomorrow's another day.


Hi Doikosp, you did give the cakes and biscuits a miss, so it could have been worse


Hi newpie,

Oh yes - it could actually have been a LOT worse!


Actually - I (almost) got away with it. Just a wee blip upwards!

0.2 Kg and like who's counting that?


I have not weighed in for 2 weeks. The 1st week I was under a great deal of stress, and put on 3 lbs. Luckily last week I lost 4 lbs. So I am really back to the sensible eating pattern. I will weigh in on Friday as usual. I haven't been on here for a while. I had a sense of shame.


It sounds as if you had a blip last lasted for a little while. BUt now you have come out of the other end having lost the extra weight you put on - and more!

Well done on that, and for being honest about yourself. No shame in that!


Hi moutere,

This may seem an odd thing to say, but, well, just remember it's only weight loss. I mean it's not some great awesome international agreement being signed up by many nations. It's actually just weight loss.

So don't get into the shame thing, if you can avoid it. I mean the only person you cheat when you don't bother is yourself.

And if you're not cheating, but just going through a plateau or a blip, then what's the shame in that?

Just keep riding the weight loss bus!


Well done foe avoiding the cakes and biscuits.

That would have been the only thing I would have ate by the sounds of it!


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