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Fell off the wagon

In fact the wagon is dragging me along the road, me and my love handles. Trust me the road is lumpy.

After three days of doing really well, I ate lamb dinner followed by crumble with custard, then a cupcake and a few glasses of wine. That was yesterday.

Today, I figure 'in for a pound, in for a stone'. So I started out with a fried egg sandwich, then toad in the hole with left over crumble later in the day. Plus a glass of wine.

I still need to figure the cals out but am scared to do so. Not to mention the fact that I am staying away from the scales.

Grr. I've promised myself that I will get my nails done when I lose my first half a stone!

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It happens to us all. The main thing is you face up to it, both working out the calories and weighing on the day you should. Then you can safely climb back on board the wagon for a fab new start tomorrow :)


Hi thincharlie,

1 - if you do that sort of thing then the next day or two becomes 'pay back the account' days!

2 - Alcohol not only has lots of calories (7 Kcal per g) but it causes your body to stop burning fat while it deals with getting rid of the alcohol which it sees as being nutrition-less and toxic.

3 - Just get back on the weight-loss bus.

Oh and by the way, did you think about sharing the crumble and custard with someone, so you only ate a wee bit of it? It's a good trick to keep up your sleeve. Remember, you can eat high calorie foods - just as long as you only eat very little amounts of them.

Good luck.


Bad day yesterday for me as I had a Mothers day cream tea. But I am straight back on it today, writing everything down and planning my meals. That really helps for me.


Really , the lamb dinner isn't that bad - meat plus veg. If you have it again the things to watch out for are the number of potatoes you have and the amount of gravy.

If you have to go somewhere and eat something off the plan or unexpected then as Doikosp says, you need to compensate somewhere else. Don't starve yourself or work out until you've fainted or anything, but its easier to remedy 1 day's eating than 2 ,3 or a whole week.

Plus remember the following:

> Women need around 2000 cals per day to maintain weight.

> The plan is 1400 cals per day, PLUS exercise to burn more cals

> Therefore you are already at a deficit of 600 cals per day from the amount you need to maintain weight.

> So, if you stuck to your 1400cals the rest of the week beforehand, and did exercise chances are, the deficit has already paid for your lamb dinner etc anyway.

> AND end result can still be a loss


ok, so this may not work this week because you took the extra day to eat the leftovers but hey, there's plenty more weeks to go on the plan, and plenty of time to remedy it.

And now you know what to do next time :)


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