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New start

Yesterday was an eye opener, I was weighed for the first time in 18 months and I have gained 10kg. I believe this through comfort eating and on the implant as I didn’t have contact with a Nurse every six months monitor my weight. I need someone to pester me and I find it easier taking advice from someone who isn’t known to me.

Regarding to the comfort eating I have now worked out what the triggers are, and I am now fighting these demons.

I my plan is too weigh myself every week/ 10 days shift allowing, and record the results.

Regarding exercise I enjoy walking and have a dog which needs walking.

•Weight 90kg

•Height 1.76

•BMI 29.

It’s now time to start………………………………………..

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Hey there!

I've only just started on the Monday past and I've been enjoying this wee community. I know what you mean about the implant - I gained weight on that too!

All the best on your weight loss journey :) x


Hi pd walker,

I started off at the same BMI as you and have lost over 7lbs by the end of week 4.

They tell you the implant doesn't make you gain weight or affect your skin - it bloomin well does! So on top of my previously very sedentary lifestyle I have that to contend with as well.

Good luck with your journey! :)


Hi pdwalker,

I've only just started myself this week and sticking to the recommended daily calorie allowance has been a real eye opener for me! I was eating well more than the recommended guidance.

I'm hoping to see some good results from sticking to the 12 week plan, everyone on here sounds very positive!

All the best with your weight loss :-)


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