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Eating out-stick to your plan!

Hi all,

For those of you who are eating out (or having take-away) this weekend I suggest planning what your going to eat and sticking to those calories.

Against my previous advice, and indeed my own intentions, I have just had fish shop chips so I could eat in company. I now feel REALLY RUBBISH and am already thinking that I may as well have more treats this after/evening & then what happens to tomorrow?!

This way of thinking is why I've joined this site. Hopefully I'll dig deep and get back on the "weightloss bus" right now, not tomorrow or Monday morning.

Hope you all avoid this rubbish feeling!

Happy healthy eating!

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Well, there is worse things you could have had to be honest. Why don't you get yourself out for a walk to redress the balance and just have a lighter evening meal? One little blip over a week really wont make that much difference but letting it slide will just make you feel depressed about it.


I agree about just being careful when you go out - I've eaten out almost every week since I started this in mid January and still lost weight - just been tracking it on myfitnesspal and adjusting the other meals around it. This is the only week I haven't been out and I lost the least of all this week, so work that one out!!

Going out again next week so hopefully do better!!


If I go out I try to check menus online first and decide what I am having. We usually go to Prezzo where they have light versions with calorie content.

I certainly know how you feel about blowing it, done that many times. When that happens I am now trying to distract myself with something else away from food!


I tend to do what Skiing does - check out the menu first and try not to have 1,000 calories in total with one glass of wine. Owing to my yo-yoing since I was 13 years of age (!) I have recently come to the comclusion that if I have "days out" or consume, say, 2,000 calories on a day - that that is a "lost" day because one cannot be dieting all your life! This week I had a couple of mini-binges, as a male friend had let me down and I felt very hurt, so hunted out some chocolates, but don't keep them indoors - but instead ate a very large amount of cheese and biscuits to dull the pain. However, when I totted up the calories they came to 2,200 including the cheese. And after a good night's sleep I was back to Healthy Eating again the next morning. So please guys - just have the amount to have a "day out" occasionally. I am sure, INNERSLIM, that those chips you had consumed would not have taken your calorie intake over 2,000 for the day - but if it did, nip things in the bud and pse don't feel "rubbish" because you have simply missed dieting for ONE DAY in your life! Take care and Happy Outings!!


I've just come back from a meal out with friends. Well I managed to stick to what I had planned, really healthy, but then, as the service was so slow, they gave us a free dessert! I just couldn't resist, but I am not letting it put me off, so it's back on track for me and I will just treat this as a small blip! Best of luck xx



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