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Underactive thryroid, menopause too and mild asthmatic and IBS (!!!) - how do I get started on this program and calorie count and stuff!!

Need to lose about a stone and a half, am reasonably active, own dogs. How do I get started on this, not sure how to keep an accurate calorie count and stuff, advice please!! Would love to get started but don't know how!! And I don't want to mess my system up either!! Thanks!!

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I would recommended you have a chat with your GP and ask to be referred to a dietician, keep a food diary of what your eating i'm sure that this would be of help to the aforementioned people and will also aid you in keeping track of what your eating.


If you have the NHS plan already downloaded, have a read round it and the nhs live well pages for lots of information and help with exercise and meal plans.

If you haven't downloaded it, click here for the plan nhs.uk/LiveWell/weight-loss...

Calorie counting is simple, on prepacked food the calorie amount is listed so you just need to jot that down.

For other things such as fruit and veg, all you need to do is google it and there are several good websites with reliable information on the amount of calories per portion.

All the information you need is on the nhs pages and contained in the plan itself so once you actually read that you're ready to go!!!!!!!


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