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End of Week 2 - 20th Feb - every little helps

Only a fraction of a kilo this week but it will all count in the end.

Successes - followed program as best I could. Restarted Couch to 5K, 2 runs, complete week one on Sunday

Failures - One lunchtime walk only, plus 1 hour walking round the shops friday. Mainly Eating Healthily but calorie count still needs to go down, portion control and "extra treats" monitor needs to be employed more often,

Friday 8th 75.3 KG BF 42.5 percent BMI 31.3 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 15

Friday 15th 73.3 KG BF 42.4 percent BMI 30.2 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 13

Friday 20th 73.2 KG BF 42.4 percet BMI 30.5 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 13

Best of luck to everyone, just Keep on Keeping On!!

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Now really bizzyb!

Isn't 'every little helps' trade-marked or something?

Just keep on the weight-loss bus!

Good luck.


Sorry ?

you've lost me on that one, I meant that even .1 of a kg will help???


Isn't that an advertising slogan for a very large UK supermarket chain?

(Not mentioning any names, but it begins with a T!)


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