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NHS weight loss advise plz read

I need to lose weight about 2half stone then I'd be happy again,

I stopped smoking 4 years next month and put this on, I have most diets eg tried the stop the sweets, swap for healthy but I get bored & crave choc, crisps etc.

I discovered this site as my BMI is overweight its 26.9,

At the minute I can't exercise due to an operation in dec and from then I put on a stone (ate while I was depressed) I have started to do light walking but not far as against the doc advise, but I'm thinking about the swimming pool walking round that.

Any advise I'd appreciate it.

is there a particular diet ?

Should I join slimming world?

Should I get the diet slimming tablets? The shakes?

Thanks for your time.

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Hi Sweetal891,

I'd suggest you start by reading the NHS live well lose weight pages - they've got lots of free advice and information about diet, weight-loss, nutrition, exercise ,etc and even a free 12 week plan. There's even tips on dealing with the cravings. (and some stuff about the top 10 diets,too)

Then basically make a decision as to how much weight you are going to lose.

Then make a commitment to yourself, your body and your health and welfare to do it.

Then also have a good read around these blogs, which have lots of people's personal experiences and tips and stuff.

Importantly though, as you're still recovering from surgery, you need to discuss with the doctor(s) how your procedure may impinge upon your weight loss efforts and vice versa,

Good luck.


Hi there,

I am new to this site - just wanted to see how others are dealing with their weight loss journey.

I have suffered with ME & Firbomyalgia for nearly 13 years and as a result of this I have piled on weight, I was told by my consultant that I really would struggle to lose any weight due to the medication I am taking and also because of the major problems I have with exercise.

My daughter joined Slimming World with me last June with a starting weight of 18 stone 12lbs. We both chose the extra easy option and by 17th Decemebr I was down to 16 stone. This has been totally without exercise, without hunger and weighing food, and has certainly given me a much needed boost to my health. I had major problems with my hips -having injections for the pain regularly and although I still have my health problems I know without doubt that I would have been totally bed ridden if I hadnt taken some action (regardless of my specialists telling me diets were not going to work).

I am not saying it has been easy - there have been periods where I mainted my weight for nearly a month, but then suddenly weight started falling away again .. it would have been so easy to give up at that point but with the encouragement of my daughter and all the fantastic members and leader of my slimming world group I kept focused - remembering why I wanted to lose weight and what it could mean to reach my target weight.

I love keeping in touch with everyone on the SW web site and on weeks that I am too poorly to attend, I dont feel so isolated and there is always loads of encouragement from all the group.

I find that staying to class is essential, you hear everyones journey which emphsises the fact that every single person there are dealing with the same issues as you and yes there are some people in the group that lose megga each week and others that plod away like me and still get fantastic results - the most important thing I have learnt is not to take too much notice of your weekly loss but focus on the overall monthly loss and certainly dont compare your weight loss to others as everyone's life is totally different. In class we all have a chance to speak of the week we've just had (ups and downs) and it here that you realise that everyone's journey is individual and yet each of us benefit so much from the experience of others in the group. Getting handy cooking tips with alternative ways to use products or cook your favourite dish. There are also updates on new products in the shops and of course the great choice of Slimming World books and high fibre bars.

I still have a long way to go but my healthy eating plan is one that I now look at as a life style, yes I have treats and enjoy them but I know now that I am not stuck in this large body - its slowly reducing in size and more importantly, my health is not getting any worse which is a major issue in my life.

Dont think because you cant exercise you cant lose weight .. I'm doing it and enjoying the journey too and one day when my health allows I will start to exercise but until then I'm happy to plod my way to a healthy new life.

Enjoy the journey x


HI Curvalicious,

It is important to stress that the idea of "exercise" is perhaps in its gentler forms better described as activity.

It only too easy to become a Couch potatoe.

There are many, many types of activity that people can do to help burn off a few calories and to improve their stamina, strength or flexibility.

But, especially after surgery or injury, start gently and, as with any medical condition, if you have any doubts then take advice from your doctor or nurse or other professional.

And, exercise / activity doesn't have to be 'sporty' - for want of a better term. Digging in the garden, raking up leaves, doing the vacuuming, washing the car, all burn calories.


Doikosp I'm not supposed to be walking on it that's my problem, i fell after surgery and wrecked it even more so I'm up under strict instructions not to be doing a lot, this is why I thought swimming, walking round the pool wudnt put it under strain as most of the weight isn't on the joint. My doctor agrees wont let me back to work coz I can't put full weight on the joint. Is there a plan I could keep to, I started to read through the week 1 but it's the food I don't know about? This is why I thought maybe slimming world could guide me?

Thank you


Hi Sweetgal891,

I would say that It's probably worth reading through the 12 week plan, even if at this point you're unable to do significant exercise.. If you can manage to get into a better eating regime that leads to a bit of weight loss - even if not very dramatic - then when you're able to do more exercise, then that will obviously help you to lose more.

And the rest of the information on the NHS live well lose weight pages will help. There is actually a thing about the "top 10 diets" which you may find interesting, which may help you better decide about slimming world or any other 'branded' plan. All the info and advice on there doesn't cost you a penny.

Of course, you may well find reducing the weight you are carrying helps with your joint situation.

The thing about the walking in the swimming baths may really depend on how much of a palava it is for you to get to the baths, get changed and into the pool (and the reverse afterwards) with your joint in its current condition.

It certainly sounds a good idea in theory, but I guess only you can decide on the practicalities.

You may also like to think about how you could exercise other parts of your body whilst your ability to walk / stand is reduced, e.g. either seated or lying down.

Good luck with it.


Hi there definitely don't go down the tablet route I joined weight watchers and have found it really easy you can use your points on anything I too like chocolate so I have one of there peanut bars every day with a points value of 2 also they do a drinking chocolate for one point so I find my sweet tooth is satisfied its free to join right now and first meeting free you can bye the magazine and that way you can have a whole month for 10 pounds give it a go what have you got to lose apart from weight good luck


I think I might grab myself a copy of the weightwatchers mag for the £10.00 offer (have just printed off the voucher for the free join/1st meeting)...could you tell me which month the offer is in and whereabouts the voucher is so I purchase the correct one please?


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