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End of Week 1 15th Feb - 2kgs less of me

In the words of Victor Meldrew "I don't believe it"

Friday 8th 75.3 KG BF 42.5 percent BMI 31.3 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 15

Friday 15th 73.3 KG BF 42.4 percent BMI 30.2 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 13

Successes - followed program as best I could

Failures - One lunchtime walk only, plus 1 hour walking round the shops friday. Calories count not as low as I wanted especially on the 14th. Didn't restart couch to 5k. This has to stay in Goals for next week. Will have to be vigilant now as extra cals and wine crept in a bit yesterday

Best of luck to all participants

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Hi bizzyb,

Well I've got to admit I didn't really believe it either when I got going.

Recommended maximum loss is more like one kilo a week, or thereabouts, but in the first couple of weeks or so it's common to lose more. I certainly did, but that's kind of balanced out now for me.

If you do find yourself losing weight a tad too fast, just very slightly up the calories and your weight loss will probably slow up.

Keep it up. Well done.

Alcohol I'm afraid isn't really a good thing for people trying to lose weight. It's a bit of a double-whammy. It's 7 kcal per g and it stops the body absorbing nutrition and burning fat.

But, dependent on the wine - perhaps somewhat better with red for one point - you could drink it 50/50 with water. I came across that years ago in the South of France.

If you overdo the calories one day, just try to 'pay back the account' the next day or two.

Good luck.


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