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Week 2 Day 1

OK, so first day of week 2 and I have completed my food and activity chart for week 1.

Here are my figures for week 1:


Start - 177.6lbs Finish - 175.4lbs


Start - 42in Finish - 41.5in


Start - 29.46 Finish - 29.13

So I have lost 2.2lbs, 1/2 an inch an 1/3 of a BMI point. WOOHOO :D

Now for week 2, and the challenge begins, I'm wondering whether I can do the same again (and if I should).

I'm going to set myself a target weight of 174lbs which will bring my BMI down to 28.95.

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Well done you! Keep up the good work :-)


Excellent, you must be so pleased with such a wonderful start


Good going bunblebeaz,

Weightloss is always most dramatic at the start of a programme so don't be surprised if you don't hit the same figures this week.

What is just as important as losing weight is to focus on the process (healthy eating, exercise, adopting healthier habits, changing your routine).

Focussing on the process will enable you to better manage your weight in the long-term beyond the 12 week plan.


Very well done. I start week 1 yesterday, and I will be very happy if I can do as well as you.


Thank you everyone :)


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