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healthy tasty food advise

In need of advise. im wanting to loose my baby wight but when i was pregnant i just wanted fast food and fatty foods now this craving as carried on and i can seem to stop with it i dont really now what a healty meal is. please could someone give me tips on a nice easy tasty cooked meal (something easy as im not a cook and still learning too cook)

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Check out the Meal Mixer - it's full of healthy balanced and calorie-counted meals:



ok thanks


stir fry is quick and easy and can be cooked with low cal spray oil, try making your own chips with not just potato but carrots parsnips sweet potato with spray oil and chilli flakes. Chicken breast can replace burgers and enjoy being a Mum , only celebs lose baby weight in a flash, in the real world it took 9 months to put it on and can just as long to get it off.

Mind you my children are 16 and 14 years old and I can't say my spare tyre now has anything to do with babies ;)


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