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Want to have another baby but scared of my high BMI

missmillenium99Restart Feb 2020

Just wondering if anyone has become pregnant with a BMI of 38? I want to try for another baby but I am becoming impatient with putting it off until I lose weight.

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I'm afraid I'm clueless and can't help you with your question missmillenium. Maybe others here can but I suspect this is a question for your GP. You've probably already investigated your situation but maybe this can help... nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy...

How is your health journey coming along? It's been a month since you said you were having a fresh start, have you made progress in that time?


You know that it would be better for you to be as healthy as you can, before getting pregnant, so a reduction in your weight could only be a good thing. How about aiming to be overweight, rather than obese?

To this end, use your impatience as a carrot.

Rejoin your weigh-in and post every week, to keep you on track.

Add your meal plans to the daily diary every day, so that you become more mindful about what you're eating.

Join the Fit is Fun club to keep you motivated to exercise regularly.

Read and respond to posts here every day, to keep you inspired.

Just wishing things will change, or ignoring them won't change your situation, you have to actually do something about it and we're here to help you do just that :)

All the best! :)

How's it going missmellenium?

Have you started anything yet?

missmillenium99Restart Feb 2020

I have been exercising more and eating less but haven’t been focused like I want to be because of having a lot on at work (I’m a teacher and have spent the last 3 weeks trying to get pupils through coursework).

We also had my partner’s parents staying with us for a fortnight so I had less control of what I was eating as his Greek mum cooked for us every night - that was delight but not great for dieting.

It was my birthday yesterday, school has now closed, so I have plenty time to focus on me. Treating today as a fresh start.

I’m not giving up on losing weight at all. Getting my BMI down to being in the overweight category has always been my plan before I start trying for a baby. It’s just taking a long time and as I was approaching another year older I wondered if anyone had had experience of being pregnant with a BMI similar to mine.

I appreciate all your support and will definitely be checking in daily to help provide support to others too.

I’ll weigh myself tomorrow...

Remember, it's not only your own health you are risking if you have a baby before losing your weight, it's the baby's too.

You are at high risk of gestational diabetes, which means high blood glucose. And if you have high glucose, so does your baby. But your baby doesn't doesn't get your insulin, so it's little pancreas would have to work hard to lower it. That can have health implications for the rest of their life. You should really try to reduce that weight if you can.


missmillenium99Restart Feb 2020
in reply to Subtle_badger

Thank you. I’m glad I know that.


Hi there, I was in a similar position to yourself before I got pregnant (through IVF) my BMI was 33, which was too high to be accepted for treatment so I lost 2 &1/2 stone which got my BMI down to 29. As frustrating as it was at the time I am so glad I did it because of the strain your body goes through in pregnancy. I subsequently got accepted for treatment and am now 38 weeks pregnant 😍I would definitely encourage some weight loss before getting pregnant, and the mind set of healthy eating can only be a good thing. Good luck 🍀

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