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I want to lose my weight!

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morningrunner02022 November
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Guys please tell me how do I lose my weight with a healthy diet. My current weight is 121.2 lbs (55 kg) and my current height is 164.5cm (5.4 ft). So I think my weight and my height is not good for me.

5 Replies
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Dear morningrunner0, welome to our weight loss forum. I have just run your height and weight through the NHS Body Mass Calculator and the result (20.2) suggests that you're a healthy weight. Here's the link, I suggest that you run your details through as the App needs a little more information than just height and weight.


As you're new to our forum I suggest that you have a good look around to see if you can find anything that interests you. Here's the link to the pinned posts where you will be able to see exactly what we have to offer.


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lowT1632022 November

wish I had your problem. Get rid of your mirror.

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to lowT163

Hi lowT163, may I ask if you are just visiting or are you on your own weight loss journey. Either way is fine by us :)

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lowT1632022 November in reply to TheTabbyCat

I’m a type 2 diabetic so pretty aware of sugar. 189 at 5 foot 7 inches trying for 150. Have prostate cancer so testosterone level is low. About 200 is my maximum in 5 years. Anyway I’m taking Phentermine 15mg once a day at this time for the weight loss. Started around 195 a month and a half ago. Seems to help.

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GrigidModerator in reply to lowT163

Hi lowT163

It's good to hear that you are receiving help with weight loss. In the weight loss support forum, we have a number of groups that offer support for people on a weight loss journey. I'll post a link to the different groups at the end of this reply. They range from the weekly weigh in, through to a daily diary, recipe swap (Springers Specials), and even a book group Read all About It, and lots in between.

We have found that joining in really helps to stick to diet plans.

Best wishes, and do let us know if you want any further information of help joining in.


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