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Need to lose 7 stone in weight

Hi I am 49 years old around 11 years ago I was 10 stone in weight when I was diagnosed with Neuropathy, diabetes type 2, spinal disease and other health ailments which prevent me from being able to exercise.

I am now 7 stone over weight and have been advised by my doctors I need to lose weight steadily and healthily. Sadly I’m a yo-yo dieter and nothing seems to work.

I would love to hear from anyone who can help me with a diet plan and how to exercise when in a wheelchair.

Thank you

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Hi and welcome, Starbaby2011 :)

You may find these the answer to your yoyo dieting and T2D and

This may help with exercise

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Wishing you all the best :)


Hello and welcome to the forum, its what you eat which is more important than exercise, so you can still loose wait even if you cannot exercise or not do much. When I lost weight I used the NHS 12 week weight loss plan which is calorie counting- because I know from experience I cannot rely on portion control or judging when I have had enough to eat. Fortunately I quite like calorie counting though I know some people don't. There is the low carb high fat (LCHF) which quite a few people swear by and no calorie counting:) Has your GP not referred you to a dietician for advice? The British Heart foundation have a diet which is portion control Try not to think of it being on a diet think of it as a lifestyle change and introduce small changes gradually rather than a massive change and this will help you maintain any changes you make

Good luck

With regard to exercise- I managed to loose just under 2 stone by just walking and gradually increasing pace and distance (and following the NHS 12 week weight loss plan) . It may help with some of your conditions as well.

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I am using the 12 week NHS plan and calorie counting. I have never calorie counted before and it's really working for me. If someone had told me a couple of months ago I would calorie count I would have laughed. I allow treats but I am gradually having less of them. With calorie counting you can count them in with your daily allowance. I found it was a bit of work at first weighing ingredients etc but gradually I have become used to it and can quickly work out what foods are in calories. It's definitely what helped me get started as I wanted it to fit with my lifestyle. I don't want to fall back in to old habits. I am about halfway through week 5 and weighed myself this morning. I have now lost 13lbs....almost a stone. I think the hardest part is getting started but this forum is great and so supportive. There is sympathy if we slip, don't lose or put back on and I think that is what we all need....not lectures from those who don't have a weight problem. If you stay with this forum you will be well supported in many ways. I think that's what the slimming clubs lack. There is no emotional support and for most of us there will have been triggers in our lives which compound the weight gain. I think this is where the health service fails and will continue to unless they put services in place to deal with this aspect of weight gain. Best wishes with your healthy eating plan.

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Have you heard of DDYP yoga? Check out their site online. It’s for those with limited mobility and check out the internet at its success stories. Lots of people have success on paleo diet. I’m not sure if that’s diabetic friendly but guessing it is. Ideas. Good luck.


Hi Starbaby2011 and welcome to this weight loss forum. One suggestion from me would be to split your 7 stone into manageable 7 lb chunks aiming and working towards a 7 lb loss first of all. I was faced with up to 5 stone weight loss , not quite there yet but worked slowly on not a diet but a new healthy life style which has to be what it says.....a lifestyle for life . Most diets people do are a short term fix, lose weight put it back on been there several times myself. I admit I don’t do a lot of exercise myself , never been near a gym...what are they?

I looked at the NHS 12 week plan started on that and have adapted it. I still work on 1400 calories a day as that was what was recommended though admin will tell you to check your BMI and work on the calorie range shown. I started my journey in Nov 2017 and still count calories, weigh all my food and write it all down . When away on holiday I write down and count the calories and my husband guesses how much it all weighs. Must be doing something right as I am now 4st 9 lbs lighter. I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol which have both reduce significantly and my GP is really pleased.

If you join a weigh in day and log your weight loss etc you will meet up with lots of lovely people who will give you lots of support and encouragement who have all been in a similar situation. Read all the links the admins will give you, take your time, look in your cupboards and get rid off all those high calorie foods you don’t really need. I’ve taken several items to the food bins in the entrance to my supermarket. Make a note of your measurements, no one else needs to see them and check up on them every now and then.

Welcome and good luck on your new journey, have a lovely week and I look forward to following your progress. Sue 🥀🥀🥀

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I would suggest the keto diet as you can have sooo many goodies. But you CANT cheat. Wishing you well


2 years ago I had a heart infection that left me unable to exercise, I managed to lose 9st with a change of diet alone.

The maths was simple, if I made the right choices most of the time then my weight would fall. I gave up alcohol for a year, I tried to stick to 1700 cals a day......actually quite easy when you quit the booze, the humble BLT was my diet food of choice, drink less, eat more veg and less crap......think about everything you eat, listen to your body......there is no trick.

I was 28st, I'm just under 15st now.

It takes time and it's a change in lifestyle not a short term diet.

Good luck on your journey


My diabetes is in remission too


You are an inspiration.


Hi firstly it’s not easy! Be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up. Your mental state of mind affects your ability to stick to a diet, if you slip up just put it behind you and move on one meal at a time. There are loads of diets out there, basically if you cut your calorie intake to less than your body needs you will lose weight whatever plan you follow and without exercise.

The key is to choose one that fits in with your lifestyle that you have more chance of sustaining. Don’t restrict yourself too much or you may rebel and yo yo diet. Log food intake to check calories, even if just at first to get an idea on how much you are eating. Look at it long term and don’t get too obsessed with the scales. Listen to your body and only eat when hungry, get enough sleep and try not to stress - all will help.

But the activity will help you feel better if you can manage anything and will help maintain any weight loss. There are chair exercises you can do, which will help with strengthening, v important. Your doctor may be able to advise or point you in the right direction. Not sure where you live but here in Suffolk we have organisations including the council that help people with disabilities get active. Worth an ask?

Get support from all the lovely people on here too, plan ahead and good luck 😉


I agree to me ‘diet’ is a negative word since it means I’m restricting what I eat. I like calorie counting because my diet hasn’t really changed except drinking less alcohol, eating less crisps (they are my kryptonite!) and balancing my meals out better. Before some days I was having at least 2 high calorie meals and other days 2 low calorie meals do it was either feast or famine though not intentional. The important thing is finding something that you don’t find onerous and fits in with your lifestyle on the whole.


I have a similar experience and am having difficulty losing weight. However, I wanted to make the point about exercise. Keep exercising to keep your lymph system toned up and your immunity higher. I didn't and last year was spent varying between pneumonia and pleurisy. As a result, I am very weak this year still. But I paid for some physiotherapy to give me exercises to get me going in my chair. I did ask the GP for a referral but he refused, saying physio wouldn't help my chest. He was wrong. Your GP may be more informed. Good luck.


I cannot recommend the Ketogenic lifestyle enough. I’ve tried everything in my life and have always been over weight as through cravings for sugar and carbs was unable to maintain the diets and any weight loss always returned with more added. Keto isn’t mainstream...yet but in essence it is protein, fat, and vegetables. Some berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. You can have full fat cream but no sugar. There are good, safe alternatives. Flavoursome recipes if you like cooking and treats such as chocolate peanut butter cups, blueberry muffins or garlic bread with cheese. Yes. Seems unlikely. If you are ready to finally lose the weight and clear up health issues such as high blood pressure and T2 diabetes research this. There are lots of books too. The Diet Doctor website ( non profit making I believe) is excellent and the Ketogenic forums website is very good too and give you loads of support. And YouTube has lots of information. This is not a diet but a change to the way of life that made us sick and unhealthy in the first place. I believe this is the way enlightened people will eat in the future. I feel the healthiest I have ever. Less joint pain, clearer thinking, improved memory- have lost 58lbs and will just see where I end up. Another 16lbs will make me 11 stone 12 - a weight I haven’t been for over 35 years. And, if you believe (like I did that I could never give up sugar and white wheat flour of cakes and sweets, you can because the cravings that make you want them disappear in a week or two of having given them up. I eat nuts, cheeses (lots of varieties), beef, roast chicken, fish, cauliflower cheese with bacon made with cream, eggs and bacon, brocolli and salads, full fat mayo- no low fat anything allowed. Of course low carb chocolate occasionally. I’ve Never counted any calories (oh the freedom!) just kept carbs to around 20-35) Like I say, I will always eat this way now because I know the harm that those foods previously enjoyed cause to my health. I hope you look into this and feel better very soon. Let us know how you get on.


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