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any ideas what to eat


Hi im 26 years old size 22 weight is 14 and a half stone my bmi shows i am obese i need to lose 5 and a half stone i am a take away and chocolate crisps addict seriously need help with dieting

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Hey hey! I always find that if I have a choice of what to eat, I’ll always go for a takeaway or the unhealthy option. Take away that choice and you’re less likely to get a take away! I 100% recommend meal prepping some food for a few days. Food doesn’t have to be boring and bland! Make a stir fry with some chicken and chuck a load of veggies in. Season some chicken in piri piri or paprika and bake it with some sweet potato wedges and veggie. I eat out of boredom and so I will always snack. Try and keep occupied.. clean the house.. if you feel like you want to eat chocolate or crisps, go for a walk. I always now keep a big pack of almonds or other nuts near by to satisfy my cravings... and trust me.. it is hard the first few days but it gets easier!! You can do it - rooting for you :) x

Hi, puggygirl1991, Welcome

Well... you seem to know what you need to give up... that is a great start!

Is it motivation you need?

One of the admins will give you info and links, but I do not know if any of them are about at this time of night.


Check how many calories you should be eating to lose weight at a healthy rate - that you can maintain.

I am a chocolate addict with a sweet tooth - in the past I've even dieting by saving most of my calories to eat a bar of milk chocolate and/or cake at bedtime, leaving me dangerously low on protein and vitamins.

This time round I've planned for my sudden urges to eat something destructive. I have some mini packs of cheese, 20g a portion ready to hand at the front of the fridge. I have a bar of 85% chocolate plus some stevia/malitol chocolate. (I could never eat more than a couple of squares of the very dark chocolate and I know more than a couple of squares of the other will cause diarrhoea!)

In addition I make lowcarb cake and store the slices in my freeze next to my stevia icecream.

And I had sugar free jelly to eat with a few raspberries in the hot weather.

For quick grab meals I have roast chicken in the fridge and lowcarb pizza made with 90 second bread plus cauliflower rice in the freezer (this tastes a lot better than I expected!)

Crisps are harder - but you could try making butternut crisps? And halloumi fries with almond flour are messy to make but taste good.


I'm no expert but I find having a wholemeal pitta bread spread inside with low fat houmus, with a thin slice of turkey, sliced beatroot, maybe a tomatoe and then stuffed with half of one of those £1 salad bowls or green leaves or salad stuff... Works out at about 350kcals and is nice and filling.

After a while I guess my appetite adjusted and no longer crave the fast food.

Mikebez in reply to Hidden

Sounds yum

Going to a low carbohydrate diet has been shown to reduce the need for sugary foods.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Mikebez

Are you going to go for low carb high fat diet?

Mikebez in reply to BridgeGirl

Not high fat. Just low carbs. I have used this with my wife previously several years ago. I lost four stone and she lost two stone. I’m on low calorie but will move on to zero carb soon.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Mikebez

If you reduce carbs, you need to get your calories from somewhere and healthy fats are the best option. But first you need to be eating enough calories, not an extreme calorie restriction

Mikebez in reply to BridgeGirl

You can get enough carbs from vege and salads. Fats from eggs and cheese. But particularly olive oil as a dressing. Protein from white meats and fish. Tuna etc Increasing protein to make up your carbs. You track your ketone production using ketostix. No fruit though.


Hello puggygirl1991 and welcome

It sounds like you know where to start changing eating habits.

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TriciaW5 mentioned 85% cocoa chocolate. It's really bitter, but try melting just half a piece in microwave then mix with crushed up blueberries and /or blackberries (say 75g) and 60g of mascarpone (tastes like thick cream). This is a bit naughty for very low carb (if that's the way you decide to go) - with blackberries it's still only about 7 carbs, tasty and filling. If you've got the willpower stick it in the fridge and just have a spoonful every time you fancy something sweet!

Wobbleless2st 7lbs

Hi i know it feels daunting at the start but it does get easier. When you start to see the weight come down it will be worth it . If you are not a natural Nigella :) you can still choose healthy options. Just increase your fruit and veg for a start and cut down on sugar. Add a good walk maybe 20 mins a day and work up. Start to look at calories on products and decide what your allowance is if you choose calorie method.I imagine all that fat and sugar food blended in the blender and see the 2 layers cold.....really puts me off. Good luck.

RedspotRestart March 2020

Go slow,be determined .Follow the excellent advice on the site.

Calories are all, you are worth it!

Joanney695st 7lbs

Welcome puggygirl 😊 you will get all the support you need on this forum, but you have to find the motivation to start and keep going. Why not make a list of reasons why you want to lose weight, that you can look at as often as you need. It sounds like you know the things you eat that are not doing you any good, so that's a massive step - now you just need to make some changes to get yourself started - don't try to change everything at once, maybe cut out the snacking, or cut yourself back to one takeaway a week? Check your recommended calories on the bmi checker & start near the high end. Drink plenty of water, have a look around the forum at some of the success stories - there are a lot of inspirational people here who will be happy to help you 😊 good luck 👍

Ali_B621 stone

Great motivation there! As the others have said, treat your body to some good tasty home cooked meals. :-)

Hiya I'm Ashleigh, I seen ur States wana chat

Its quite easy really i am male and was and have been over 15 stone until i went to Malasia im not asking you to go there but it was what i had eaten there .

I was on bp tablets and blood thinning tablets I Stopped taking them at once as my legs were showing veins all down both legs

On my return my weight was 11 stone 3lb through what i eat and drink

12 months have passed now and i still weigh under 11 stone and feel fit

First of all you have to forget your sweet tooth no sugar in tea maybe sweetner stevia from a leaf natural try lemon tea there are loads of other tea,s you can try eat plenty of veg green fruit and excersize is a must even if its only 3 days per week for i hour.

I like a drink and restrict my self to maybe 2 pints bear or three glasses of wine per week spaced out through the week.

Im no health expert but my doctor sent me to hospital because he was worried about my weight loss in such a small time 4 months the hospital examined me and said keep on doing what you are doing.

if you would like to get in touch you can email

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