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I Need help!!

I have been part of this community for the past six months, and I like it.... So far I have lost 3 stone + and I am feeling good.

My exercise regime suffered a setback for medical reasons, so I have had to "go with" what i can, but I have still been able to lose weigh, albeit a bit slower than planned!!

I have been eating low fat nutritional meals, but the kicker is:

Work had a "Mexican charity do", where i felt obliged to take part in...

I was sensible, having a small chicken fajita, rice and beans but it threw out my normal regime totally, whereas i would normally have a protein meal for lunch.

To that effect, I have counted what i "can" and tried to not go over my planned intake, but I cannot count meals I don't know what was in them.

What was the issue is, that in one day, I amassed .7kg (1.5lb) overnight and to me, that feels like a tonne! I looked in the mirror and imagined I had doubled in size!

This has completely thrown me öff trail, and I hit the wagon, HELP Please!

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Well done for having a routine that works for you TheCookster and for losing a good amount of weight.

As for the Mexican charity gain, I would suggest that you let it go and move forwards with your trusted routine and reclaim your loss in the days to come.

Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉


Amazing weight loss! Do what makes you happier, be kind to yourself, and well done again, an inspiration, all that hard work. :)


Once you get back to doing what you usually do, that 1.5lbs will come of again. Don't let it completely throw you, it is in your hands to stop that from happening. You have lost 3 stone and are doing really well. Do you usually feel satiated on your low fat nutritional meals or are you now feeling hungry after them?

I'm giving you a good heavy ho back up on to the wagon :)


I hear ya, thecookster, it’s so hard when things throw off your routine. I can’t imagine that small meal though has caused a 1.5lb fat gain, so I’m sure it’s water or something and will come off again.

Try not to beat yourself up about it. Why don’t you look at those wonderful photos you’ve been taking and reassure yourself? Then move on. Perhaps write down your meals today if you don’t usually do it. You can do this!


You've done fantastically well TheCookster and it sounds to me as if you've been very regimented and keeping to plan, which is not dissimilar to how I lost my weight.

Don't worry about a one off over indulgence. The scales show a gain but it's not feasible that you've actually put on that much 'real' weight from one meal. As Minnie has mentioned, carry on with your plan and you'll be fine.

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Congratulations on your weight loss you have done incredibly well. But I know how you feel when you have been consistently losing weight, it happens and I am sure it is more complicated than we think, I don’t think it is totally down to your Mexican lunch. Our bodies are quite complex. However, try to stay focused because you have worked so hard to get where you are.


Hi cookster, you have done amazingly, this is a minor blip, that is all. Scales do not measure what is fat/muscle/water etc. My scales vary from day to day, and even 3lbs heavier with clothes and breakfast in a difference of 2 hours!

Imagine yourself in the future, at your ideal weight. There will be short term gains due to holidays/Xmas/weddings/traumatic events. This is normal. How you handle that is down to you, cut back for rest of week, exercise if your body will allow. Or my personal favourite, draw a line and start again tomorrow!

I recommend you do just that, draw a big line and carry on. You will lose that temporary gain in no time at all. And you will have gained a new coping strategy. I understand that you may feel temporarily helpless as this event has thrown off your very controlled regime. But take back control, you are no longer at the work event. You have your own cupboards, lunch bag and your superb strategies that you have learned thus far. Keep posting and keep going! :)


Oh TheCookster! DO NOT PANIC!!! This is perfectly normal, weight changes daily by sometimes over 1kgs! So if you weigh yourself once a week and that is a high day, it an make you feel terribly despondent. May I suggest that you try something I do which has helped me. I know some people don’t agree so it’s a personal thing and only a suggestion. I weigh myself evryday, first thing in the morning and mark it on a chart, vertically I mark weights going down in 1/4 kgs, that’s 1/2 lbs and at the top the days. I then draw my graph everyday, it goes up and down everyday BUT, if you stick to your healthy eating, you will see that overall the zig zags are going down so the fact that on such a day it’s higher than what you registered the previous week really does not matter. So, keep calm and carry on! I hope this might help you a bit to relax, having an unchartered lunch you cannot count calories for is not going to throw all your efforts out the window. Good luck!


Hi. Don't beat yourself up. No point in having something delicious if the guilt outweighed the pleasure. Put it down to life, as we have to have a life and shouldn't let that get in the way. Tomorrow is another day. Good luck


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