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Time to try again

Hi I found this forum really helpful a few years ago and got to a really healthy place. Unfortunately I had a foot op that didn't go so well and I have doubled my hours in work since coming back from long-term sick leave, and just stuffed my face with loads of rubbish.

The end result is an over weight unhappy stressed me, and now it really is time to stop thinking and start doing!

Current weight 86.6kg Target weight 70-75kg

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Welcome back timetogetfit

Sorry to hear about your foot and that you're having to work so hard now, both of which must have been quite unsettling. The good thing, is that you have decided to grab hold of the reins and take control of your life again.

Just my thoughts but this forum isn't only influential in losing weight (living healthily) but is to many, an intrinsic part of maintaining weight loss (living healthily).

I'm pretty sure you'll be back on course in no time and that you'll get back to your original weight. Where you go after that might be something you should think about planning for now.

Just by writing your post and knowing you've started your journey will hopefully help reduce your stress and put a smile on your face :)

Good luck!


Sorry to hear of your foot operation. Hope you get back into a healthy regime soon and see the extra weight disappear. Good luck.

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Welcome back, timetogetfit :)

I'm sorry to hear of the trouble you've had with your foot and your diet, but congratulations for taking the necessary steps to stop the rot.

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