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Pain in the But hubby


Good morning everyone

Haven’t been on here for a couple of years lost the weight and kept it off !!

My problem is my hubby lol he needs to loose a stone in weight but he is a very very fussy eater , so I’m asking everyone if they can help me with food suggestions , I have looked on the receipe suggestions and there is nothing there that really helps

He does not eat fish pasta rice , cereals or salad 🥗 so every day is the same but boy oh boy it is hard !!!

Egg on toast for breakfast , sandwich for lunch , and meat potatoes and veg for evening dinner does not eat fruit .and he says it’s boring !!!!

Any help for different meals would be greatly appreciated.

Hope all you lovely people can help.

Hope you are all well and have a lovely day xx

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Hello Pamed,

If the recipe section doesn't offer anything, then I suggest you try Googling. I don't eat pasta, rice, or cereals either, but my meals aren't boring. Just substitute the carbs with cauliflower rice, courgetti, boodles, cabbage, etc.

Use the eggs to make omelettes, frittatas, crustless quiches.

Make your own coleslaw, or ratatouille.

Use different herbs and spices.

I'm sure you'll come up with some exciting alternatives, that he'll enjoy :)

You might like to have a look at this too

Pamed in reply to moreless

More less hello

thank you so much for the ideas I will certainly take them on board and google see what I come up with .

Have a lovely day xx

Active_43Healthy BMI

Well done for keeping off the weight.

Not sure what to suggest for your husband, except some of the Hairy Dieter books have some good traditional recipes that they have tweaked to be healthier.


Good morning Pamed and very well done for maintaining your weight loss 😊 I remember you from when I first started!

Slowly slowly would be my suggestion with your husband. Slightly smaller portions, maybe sneak some green stuff into his sandwiches (cucumber? )

And reduce the amount of meat and potatoes in the evening.

But it must get dull for you? Do you cook your own meals? My father in law was pretty much the same, you have my sympathy 😕

But just a slight reduction in calories and maybe encourage a little more movement will easily turn things around.

Good luck!

Pamed in reply to IndigoBlue61

Hi anna61 , how are you doing ? Nice to hear from you , hope you are well Thank you for your suggestions ,

he has started today and so far so good ha ha early days I know .

Steak tonight for him with sweed and carrots . I’m going to be really strict on him this time nothing after 6 o clock tonight . No more messing about he has to loose a stone or else .😀and I’m not going to fall for his sad face when he ask for just one biscuit 🍪 as his tea is to wet without it .

Fingers crossed he may do it .

Hope you had a lovely day xx


Oooh, I'd get more than a bit narked with someone who had a restricted diet and then complained about boring meals :( But you've got some good suggestions from other posters who are kinder than me, as you clearly are :)

Pamed in reply to BridgeGirl

Marymanc ha ha you made me laugh I do get narked sometimes but I love him to bits after 46 years of marriage I can put up with anything . I will take on board the suggestions from the other kind people on here .

Thank you for making me smile xx

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Pamed

Thank you for not taking offence :) Well, if you've got on with each other for 46 years, I'm sure you'll find a way round this dietary glitch and can look forward to planning the buffet for your Golden anniversary :)

Pamed in reply to BridgeGirl

Marymanc life’s to short to get narked with anyone

He has to loose a stone as we are off to Australia in December to see our daughter and her family ,he will be in big trouble if he don’t lol xx

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Pamed

That's a lovely incentive! Tell him he'll be showing off his beach body as it's summer over there :)

Hello Pamed how lovely to see you on the forum again Sorry don't have much to contribute anymore than what people have suggested I too have heard the Hairy Bikers book is very good

Good luck x

Hi cat33

So nice to hear from you , hope you are doing well ,can’t get my head around this forum not the beat on iPads lol can’t seem to find any of the old people who were on it but it was so nice to hear from you I have ordered the hairy bikers book from amazon let’s hope it comes soon!!! Men who would have them lol

Hope you are having a nice day xx

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