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Alter-G treadmill - for those who find walking difficult or painful

For those of you who are following my progress, I got to have a go on the Alter G treadmill this morning and loved it! You can read more about what the Alter G is on one of my earlier posts (or on my Blog).


After a further physical assessment and some work on my lower spine to alleviate some of the stiffness that occurs plus stretches on the muscles at the front of my thighs, I was zipped into my Alter-G shorts!

I was soon walking at 5.2 kph (3.2mph) at 70% of my total body weight. The wonderful thing about the Alter G is that I am able to walk without over-stressing my joints and muscles and therefore I am not experiencing the lower back and hip pain that ordinarily occur when I walk any distance at all.

In total I walked for 20 minutes, mostly at a brisk pace.

I have now signed up for 10 sessions on the Alter G, the first one will be next Monday when the Physio will over see me. After that I can go back any time that I want and use the treadmill without supervision – but I will need support from someone to get the shorts on and zip myself in and out of the machine.

I am also booked to have a session with the sports therapist at the clinic this Friday. He will devise me an exercise programme to work on my “problem areas” – neck, shoulders, hips and lower spine.

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Glad to hear it's going well, Pineapple27

Zest :-)

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That sounds brilliant, glad your doing well 😄

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I am pleased to see you have a tailored exercise programme, you have it all in hand. Hope your feeling the benefits of your hardwork.

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