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swim to get trim

Well my main form of exercise is swimming as I'm a real water baby but to get away from the boredom of just swimming lengths I have added in some qua exercises to using a kick board for some of them .

I'm enjoying this form of exercise and I'm aiming for three sessions a week , well to be honest I already do two to three .

its trying to find the exercise you enjoy and fitting it into your daily life hard at times .

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Well done for finding exercise that you enjoy!

Stick with it the rewards will come provided you are eating healthily too.


Hi, I'm a very strong swimmer too, I did the disability games in sutton,trained in beckenham and also trained at k2 in Crawley now all that stopping I landed in supported living and my carers don't take me swimming but this year I'm going to try getting back into swimming as I used to swim about 14 lengths of a 50meter pool at k2 keep it up and I will have a go too as you can loose so much weight doing this 😀


I'm sure there must be a way to get back into your swimming again ?do you have a support workers who could enable your return to swimming it would be such a positive thing for you to be able to do.

I wish you well .

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