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My third day

I have 2 stone to lose (at least) and this has got to go, so here I am determined and ready for a change. I like this support forum and the NHS plan so its up to me now. I know its not going to be easy I've been trying for 25 years but as every year has passed the weight has gone on and I have not successfully halted the slow increase. The weight going on slowly means I do not actually eat that much over my daily allowance but sufficient to cause this gain, now enough is enough.

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It's worthwhile giving the NHS plan a go JTHT . The gains (i.e. losses) may be gradual but could be permanent, which is what we're all after. You'll get plenty of support on here if you get involved :)


The great thing is, JTHT, is that you'll only need to decrease your intake a little, to lose those extra pounds :)


That’s a great start JRHT 😊. I hope you are finding your way around the forum as taking part in group Events and chat is proven to aid weight loss



Thank you, I am finding my way around the forums albeit slowly.


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