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Jogging healthy excercise

I gave up my slimming world \ excercise over Xmas I love Xmas far too much and with children too I was realistic for myself and said no. Well on newyear day I cracked my whip and been eating loads better going on walks and going for a 20 minute jog each day.. Now my legs are absolutely killing when will the pain of jogging bugger off ?


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I wouldn't recommend jogging daily, if you're not used to it, Lisa, you're body needs time to rest and recuperate.

Why not start the C25K, which is a safe and controlled plan to get you running for 30 minutes. I did it and never suffered from aching legs :)



You need to make sure you warm up and cool down when you are jogging or you could be heading for an injury.

Moreless is right the C25K is a great way to get into jogging.


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