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Daily Diary for Saturday 30th December

Apologies Dear Diarists for the early appearance of tomorrow's diary, but I feel so rotten with this lurgy, that I might just go to bed when I have posted this!

Well, Christmas came and it went. How did you all get on? Did you mainly cope with things? Did you remember "All things in moderation"? Or did it all go rather pear-shaped?

Well fear not! This is where you can get back on track - even with New Year to get through - by planning carefully and posting your menus here.

So, what have you planned to eat and drink on Saturday 30th December?

Tell us what your calorie intake should be and the total calories that each meal contains, what exercise you have planned (if any, it's not compulsory) and if you have a tip to share, please do share it!

Hello all you Newbies and welcome to anyone posting for the first time. Just look at what the others do and follow suit. And do please comment/ask questions or just “like” what others have written. That way we all learn something.

So, tomorrow I shall have something which will slip down my sore throat easily I hope, some porridge with chia seeds and a tbsp of double cream and a tsp honey, 335 cals..

Lunch will be lentil and vegetable soup and a yogurt, (for the same reason - sore throat), 300 cals.

And dinner, if we can face it (OH also suffering) might be Hairy Dieters cottage pie out of the freezer, 322 cals. If we can't face it, it might just be scrambled egg.

Total so far just under 1000 cals. So I might stick with that, if I don't feel up to much more. I should be on 1400 cals, and usually have no trouble eating my allowance, but I seem to have totally lost my appetite today.

Exercise is trying to keep up with the puppy! (She just goes crackerdog in the snow, so I don't need to try very hard to exercise her!)

And bear in mind today's tips in the poster above and you won't go far wrong!

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So sorry to hear you are unwell Trimmerteacher hope you are feeling better real soon

Thanks for posting :)

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Hope you feel better soon Trimmerteacher, get so rest and take care of yourself.

Thanks for posting the Daily Diary. :)

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I hope you get the rest you need TT. Well done for posting despite feeling so poorly. All great advice on the pic.

I hope that your throat can cope with your meals. Your supper is a great example of why there should always be some go to meals in the freezer for those times when we're not able to prepare anything.

When you're unwell, I think you should just go with what your body is telling you even if it's 1000 cals.

B: Ham, egg and tinned tomatoes. Tom juice & worc sauce, pot of chia tea with milk and coffees.

L: Ham salad with 30ml salad cream (that will be the last of the xmas ham... actually the last of any xmas food left in the fridge).

S: Leftover roast chicken with leftover courgette masala curry and butternut mash (yesterday's menu didn't go quite to plan, so I have different leftovers today)

Other drinks: Water

Exercise: Dog walking. Feeling a bit lethargic at the moment and need to pull my finger out.

Have a good Saturday everyone.


Well done for seeing off all the leftovers, Tiggerr, we got rid of the last of ours today, which is a relief!! :)

Enjoy getting out with the dogs, I'm sure that will blow the cobwebs away and energise you :)

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Nice to see good use of leftovers tiggerr have a lovely day and hope you get you walking in

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Get better soon Trimmerteacher and thanks for putting this up when you are feeling rotten.

I have counted the calories today for the first time. I found I had room for a small slice of Christmas cake, no icing but with the marzipan. Previously, if I had eaten the cake I would say "well that's the day ruined, I may as well eat loads of other stuff as well". But as it is within my calorie allowance I am happy and guilt free with having eaten it. I am converted to calorie counting now.

Tomorrow breakfast will be porridge with frozen berries and Greek yoghurt 389 calories.

Lunch, homemade veg soup with oatcakes and cream cheese. 323 Calories.

Dinner, cheese and lentil bake with a baked potato and baked beans. 519 calories.

Snacks an apple, a satsuma another small slice of cake. 268 calories.

This comes to 1499 altogether.


I'm delighted that you're now a calorie convert, Lippysue and that food no longer needs to be the enemy! :)

Great menu, enjoy! :)

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well done on getting the cake. Do you put the Greek yoghurt in the porridge or eat it separately? I've never tried adding it

I make the porridge, put microwaved frozen berries on top and a dollop of Greek yoghurt on top of that. Dollop is a technical term for about 30-40ml.

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thanks, I will try that

Take care, Tt! xx

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Sorry to hear you are poorly,Get well soon. Losing track of days now so looking forward to getting back to normality.

B, porridge with blueberries

L, soup with rice cakes spread with laughing cow cheese spread

D, roast chicken

Aiming for 1200 cals

Wishing you all a good day


hi prawncess , roast chicken sounds lovely. I think I'm looking forward to getting back to normal as well, hope you have a good day tomorrow and stick to plan

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hi, Trimmerteacher ,so sorry to hear you're not well. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. I've gone down with a bit of a tummy bug today, so I abandoned my planned meals and have been nibbling on chocolate and water instead. Hopefully will follow a proper plan tomorrow.

B- overnight oats with berries, milk, cream, seeds, 350, half grapefruit, 25

L- soup, 200, slice ham, 80

D- sea bass with lemon butter, green beans, 250

snacks - small piece Christmas cake, cheese, nuts, 380, chocolate 160

tea and coffee 150. Target of 1700. I need to get back to properly sticking to what I'm supposed to be eating.


Hope you feel better soon too, a lot of illnesses around at the moment. Your food for tomorrow is great, love sea bass. I didnt make a Christmas cake this year and now quite glad!

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I hope you feel a bit better tomorrow Trimmerteacher , thanks for hosting. I've had a bit of a cut back today, tomorrow friends coming, last day of festive feasting, phew!

B: Porridge 40g made with hot water, 2tsp seeds, frozen berries, blob ff Greek yoghurt 280 cals

L: Veg soup from freezer with some ham added 400 cals

D: Roast duck with veg, going to make a healthyish dessert of fruit compote/yoghurt. Will be a couple of glasses of wine. Probably at least 1000 cals but overall not too bad for the day if I'm sensible!

Enjoy Saturday everyone.


Mmmmmm....... sounds delicious, Sailsalot! :)

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Thanks for hosting Trimmerteacher. Love the poster. So true too.

Breakfast- oatmeal with coconut milk, tbsp honey. Gluten free toast and coffee 375

Exercise - off to the gym ab workout and circuit training

Lunch - baked potato with tuna salad 302

Dinner - chicken tikka in the slow cooker and rice 404

Snacks - fruit smoothie, oranges, popcorn 379


I'm very jealous of your nutritious sounding day and your exercise ShadowDee . Enjoy

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Don't be jealous I have fallen off over the holidays and trying to get a fresh start before New Year.


Well I hope all goes to plan. 👍

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Great menu - loving the sound of chicken tikka :)

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I hope you feel a little better tomorrow Trimmerteacher

My food went off plan again today... starting to think I'm made of chocolate!

Tomorrow's plan is to try and be sensible on the family buffet!


have a great time and enjoy the family time :)

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Good morning everyone

I am sorry you are not feeling well Lin but am glad you had a good Christmas with your family

I hope I am in the right place and on the right day, I thought it was Saturday yesterday and weighed-in. My weight hasn't changed, I am still 15st 10lb, my starting weight last week

I have written a weeks menu so I know exactly how many calories I will be eating each day, I am at the lower end of my calorie allowance. I didn't add the calories up until I had finished the menus and each day is similar

Hope everyone had a good week


Hello and welcome to the Daily Diary OliveOyl

Well done on planning for the whole week. I try to do this and find it saves money as well as calories 😊 perhaps you’d like to share some of the meal plans with us?

I hope you have had chance to read some of the other menus on here too. There are some great ideas! Feel free to comment too 😊

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Hi and welcome to the Daily Diary OliveOyl

Why don't you post your menu on here and look at what others are eating too

I ate at the lower end of my calories to start with and didn't lose weight, I then moved to eating mid to high end after advice on here and the weight started to fall off it was unreal, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it :)

Go on give it a try :)

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You can swap this weigh-in post for your menu, OliveOyl :)

Good morning Trimmerteacher and thank you for hosting :)

I am so sorry to hear that both you and your husband are ill and I really hope you get better soonest 💐

My DD for today is pretty boring but nice

B - porridge with honey and two cups of coffee

L - tomato soup (yesterday's mushroom had gone off!), tuna and green salad, grapefruit

S - forgot the beef last night (watching 'David Copperfield' on tv!) so shall have that tonight with cabbage and mashed potato, yoghurt

Water - still struggling

Snacks - small piece of Christmas cake fruit

Exercise - did 8000 steps yesterday but not 10000 so shall aim for that today

Enjoy your day everyone whatever you are doing 😃


Your menu isn’t boring at all VDP I could eat all of that!! 😊.

I didn’t see David Copperfield but really enjoyed The Big Country, I love a western and that’s one of my favourites 😊

Have a good day

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It was on my newly discovered Channel 81 which shows classic films

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Oh I've looked, we don't get that Channel 😕 But we have plenty to choose from

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I get it through Freeview. Nothing to pay!

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So do,we, but a slightly different coverage up here 😊

My new favourite channel is Yesterday

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I like that one and Dave!

Lovely menu

I must admit my steps are not where they should be since not being at work - must rectify that with a longer dog walk today :)

Have a lovely day - I have an idea to get more water in, BUT you don't want it :D this head cold - I have drank loads of water :D

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Good morning TT and thank you for hosting even though your I’ll. I hope you feel better soon. Very sensible meal plan, soups and porrige with eggs, all good nutritious foods 😊

Well I finally braved the scales and I’m not a happy bunny, thought I’d been careful but not careful enough . . . So today I am packing up the chocolates and portioning out the cheese.

Breakfast - 25g porrige, mashed banana and 20g seed and nut sprinkle, 30ml single cream

Lunch - BNS soup and SMALL portion of camembert with veggie sticks and apple

Dinner - veggie chilli. Small slice of home cooked ham and sweet potatoes wedges, a satsuma

Exercise - 30 minutes of cardio. Dog walk and housework

Tip of the day - DONT eat all the Festive Goodies to ‘get rid of them’!!! 😂. You can either portion them up into manageable chucks, put chocolates away (they keep for months) or better still, give them away. Really think about what you want more . . . We can do this!!

Onwards and downwards



I love the 'braving' the scales expression ;)


Lovely menu Anna and fantastic tip :)

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Lovely menu, and great tip also. (Do chocolates really keep for months, and is it bad I didn't know that?)

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Check the date on the box, but apparently you can freeze them too 😊

Out of sight, out of mind Copperbird. Chocolate is soooo addictive, and I would quite honestly prefer cheese, but if they’re there I want them . . . Sigh 😕

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Morning trimmerteacher, hope you give yourself a good rest today and thank you for hosting despite being unwell. Shows how dedicated you r! Brilliant advice with the poster. Just need to keep reminding myself of that.

B - 2 eggs omelette with red onions, cheese and tea. 238 cals

L - t mayo sandwich w mocha - 380 c

D - chicken w veg - 358c

Snacks - 2 crackers w peanut butter, Greek yoghurt, whole milk 1 cup - 503cals

Total: 1414

Good luck everyone xxx


lovely menu Adheela

What is your calorie range?

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Thank you. Calorie range is 1360- 1750 x

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Almost there again today Adheela maybe a little bit of butter on your evening veg then you'd be spot on 😀

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Ooh that sounds lovely (but I should be honest sometimes I eat the leftovers of kids dinner, So I’m sure I eat more 😳 ) I cannot believe I have just confessed that 😕

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You are not alone in the ‘minesweeping’ Adheela . . . That’s where a dog comes in useful!! Failing that, take a deep breath and bin it. My daughter squirts it with washing up liquid so it’s Inedible . . . Whatever 😊

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Oh I’m v v naughty yesterday I was eating with them, one bite in their mouth and one in mine. Today I’m going to just leave her to it lol 😂

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for one of my menu's, well, I will warn you that it is not good,, I have a bad diet but it suits me. I have mentioned in another post that I am not fond of food, complete opposite to my family. Here is what I am having today

breakfast: Oat so simple (plain) topped with mixed berries

dinner: Mushroom stir fry

tea: (boiled) egg salad sandwich

I will have snacks in between to bring my calories up, these will be a selection of fruit, yogurts and Graze snacks. I order enough Graze snacks, all under 150cal each, for a month

This is a typical day for me, only difference is I am eating more in between meals to try and reach my lowest level of calories allowed

Tomorrow will be

breakfast: scrambled egg on toast

dinner: Quorn sausages, mash potato and baked beans

tea: soup

snacks as above

Awful diet isn't it but I love it :)

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Well done, Olive, you found us :)

First of all, are you a vegetarian and what is your calorie range? :)

Yes, I am a vegetarian, don't like the taste of meat & fish, have tried it overy the years....yuk! I've been a veggie for around 63yrs, don't think I'll change now

My calorie range is 1504 - 1932, that amount scares me :)

No reason to change. There's plenty of tasty protein and vitamins to be had from other things. Food is definitely there to be enjoyed, whatever that means to each of us.

Many people come here thinking that the calorie range is too high (I'm assuming that's what you're implying). Going too low can actually slow down weight loss or even prevent it from occurring at all.

As a start, there's nothing ostensibly out of place with what you're eating.

I've been here a year now and possibly eat less healthily than that.

You don't say what the snacks are. Are they completely natural ingredients? If not, is it possible to just eat a bit more at each of your meals and reserve snacks to fruit and nuts or such like?

I'm sure moreless will have more to add but then she knows a lot more than I do :)

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The Graze snacks are advertised as healthy, they are berries, nuts etc and the ones I buy are under 150cals, saves me having to weigh them

They don't advertise themselves as organic, just healthy

Probably doesn't answer your question, sorry

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Call me a cynic (I am :) ) but any company that wants to sell anything will shove 'healthy' on a label.

Saying that, those particular snacks actually seem pretty good ie. no additives.


I am pretty cynical myself Tiggerr but I sometimes fall for the ads especially if I see the words low fat or less than xxcals

I will buy the seeds moreless mentioned and mixed nuts, thats something I do like

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My thoughts

B - 30g porridge oats (20), 100g mixed berries (90), 1tsp chia seeds (20), 1tsp flax seeds (20), 1tblsp mixed nuts (50), 3 tblsp double cream (210)

D - Mixed veg stir fry (400), 2 tblsp coconut oil (235)

T - Egg salad sandwich, with butter and homemade mayo, (450)


1 full fat yoghurt - 163

Whole milk for teas and coffees - 130

Total calories


Same food, different calorie count! :)

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Thank you for that, the breakfast looks yummy

I forgot to say I have sesame seeds topping porridge too - need lots of fibre due to medical issues, I have a lot of those!

I use sesame oil in stir fries and similar foods, I also have skimmed milk and low fat yogurts

It looksl as though I am eating some of the wrong things thinking they will help me lose

Thank you for that, will change some of my habits


Oh yes! Steer clear of anything low fat/fat free. The full fat versions are the healthier options :)

PS the Graze boxes are a rip off!! You can buy big bags of raw nuts and portion them out yourself, for much less money!! ;)


I have to say that Graze are expensive for what you get. A friend bought me a weeks supply a few years ago and they were so nice I started to buy them

You're right, it is cheaper to buy big bags of nuts and I could spice them up myself like the Graze ones

You have given me food for though moreless, thank you! :)


I'm glad to have been able to help, Olive :)

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It is afternoon again and I have just got on here. Sorry you are unwell Trimmerteacher get well soon.

Today for breakfast I had cereal with dried strawberries and a banana with skimmed milk. Also a coffee. 300 cal

Lunch as yesterday. Salad with salmon and advocardo tomatoes. Apple. 400 cal

Dinner. Chicken drumsticks with potato and carrots and some sprouts. I will have a yogurt with 2 easy peelers. 400. Cal skimmed milk in my coffee and my be a biscuit.

I have been for a little walk and bought myself a couple of tops and a dress size 14. Then had a coffee skinny latte with my friend.

To be honest I have to force myself to eat as I am sick to the stomach with everything.


I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling like that, Caroline. Is it because of too much rich food, or are you unwell?

Your menu sounds perfect, for getting back to basics, with good wholesome nutrition.

No I am afraid it my daughter she was send back to her place yesterday could not cope anymore. Any she left her things there told them she was going out with a boyfriend and has not been seen since she rang them at. 11 pm last night and noting else. She has very bad eye site. Sorry that is why I feel sick .

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Oh no Caroline! You must be worried sick! I hope you hear something from her soon!

Oh dear hope you are feeling better!

Just back from Visiting the family and stood on the scales have gone to 109.4kg. I know its a big jump but I'm not worried it was my first ever Christmas off and I had a fab time! That said it is very much back to business!! Im doing slimming world so I don't know the calorie values but my plan is:

Breakfast - Beans on 1 slice of wholemeal

Lunch - cabbage, leek and carrot soup

Dunner - Haggis, neeps, tatties, carrots

Syns - Mince pie (12.5 syns) and one level take spoon of ice cream (3 syns)

Exercise - Couch to 5K day 1 week 1

Hope everyone is having a fab day and all the best with their loss and maintenance!

Charlie xx

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These are approximate calories, Charlie :)

Breakfast - Beans on 1 slice of wholemeal

- 120

Lunch - cabbage, leek and carrot soup

- 85

Dinner - Haggis, neeps, tatties, carrots

- 450

Syns - Mince pie (12.5 syns) 260 and one level take spoon of ice cream (3 syns) - 200

Total - 1115, which is extremely low!! :o

its ok ill put butter in the potatoes and probably have toast for supper...

Im impressed how quickly you translated that!! Good skills xx

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Lots of practice! :D

What is your calorie allowance, according to the NHS BMI calculator?

I haven’t got a clue if I’m honest I’d better have a look...

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Thank you Trimmerteacher for hosting today's Daily Diary and for supporting everyone. :)

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