Christmas Calories

Christmas Calories

Something to bear in mind over the festive period. Those sweet and savoury treats that we may normally enjoy in abundance can soon rack up lots of extra calories! And treats / snacks eaten BETWEEN meals do still count!

Mince Pies

Mince pies are high in calories, saturated fat and sugar because of the pastry case, as well as the suet and sugar in the mincemeat filling. If you’re baking your own, only use pastry for the base and leave the top open, just add a small star of pastry or use a lower-fat pastry, such as filo.

Did you know - an average 57g mince pie contains:




17.8g (High)


8.9g (Medium)


3.9g (High)


0.2g (Low)

Christmas Pudding

On its own, Christmas pudding is a calorific choice and usually comes with energy-packed extras, such as brandy butter or cream. Instead, try low-fat custard or, if there’s no substitute for cream, try single cream, which is lower in calories per tablespoon than double cream.

Did you know - each 100g portion of Christmas pudding contains:




32.6g (High)

Oh – and a table spoon of double cream = 67 cals (and we never just have ONE do we?) 10g of brandy butter is 57 calories.


9.7g (Medium)


4.5g (Medium)


0.5g (Medium)

Buffet food

The Christmas buffet is a big temptation during the holidays. Enjoy sausage rolls, prawns in pastry, scotch eggs and pork pies, but in moderation. Instead, fill up on healthier options like salads, crudités and sandwiches. Fill your plate and move away so it’s harder to go back for seconds.

Did you know - a 30g sausage roll contains:




0.4g (Low)


5.7g (High)


2.3g (High)


0.3g (Medium)


One chocolate won’t do any harm, but once the box is open, it can be hard to stop. Try to only open the box when you have guests to share them, and keep any leftovers out of sight to avoid temptation.

Did you know - two chocolates contain:




9g (High)


5g (High)


2.9g (High)


0g (Low)


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12 Replies

  • Great advice for us there Pineapple27 thank you!

    I intend to avoid most of the things you have written about - but let's see if that happens!

    have a great Christmas and I know you will be very sensible after all your hard work!

  • Thanks for the reality check Pineapple27

  • Well I have this evening eaten a portion of Christmas Pudding from 3 years ago (BB June 2016), so I've managed to resist temptation pretty well. Haa haa!!

    We try not to have "stuff" laying about - we don't buy tins of sweets, biscuits, etc.

    I have bought some ready-rolled pastry, sausage meat and jars of mince meat.

    My plan is to make sausage rolls and mince pies in small batches as and when we fancy some or have visitors. That way we aren't forced to scoff huge quantities of calorific treats just in order that they are "not wasted".

    Whilst in Tenerife, I bought several slabs of turron (if you don't know what it is - I warn you not to Google it - it's very delicious and morish - very calorific). That hasn't been touched (yet) and I didn't eat any whilst I was there!

    Turron de Alicante is the variety I enjoy!

  • Excellent post Pineapple27 though I think your estimation of two chocs at only 86 calories is very generous - I expect mine to be about 70 cals each! But good timing - we are on the cusp I feel of major blow-out time - or is that just me?! 🎄⭐️🎶🎉❄️

  • 2 x Quality Street = 88 cals

    But I am guessing if you go for something like a Ferrero Rocher.... 75 calories a piece (don't like them myself!)

    Toffifee (daughter's favourite) 43 cals. Now they are worth that :-)

  • Well, you have prompted me to check on my Lindt advent calendar chocs- 30 cals each, but they come in twos, so that's 60 cals of deliciousness- also well worth it!

  • It is all about bring "aware" (or perhaps - more aware!). If we know what calories a sweet treat contains and we choose to enjoy it, then we can.... but over-indulgence of them won't help our weight loss in the long run :-)

  • Excellent post and a timely reminder 😊

  • Thank you for reminding us. Have a good Christmas

  • Luckily I'm not keen on Christmas cake, pudding or pastry. I was supposed to be going to friends on Christmas Day, so hadn't bought in the usual treats, now that I'm not well and going to be spending Christmas at home, I can rustle up what I need to make a Christmas dinner but not much that's likely to lead me off plan and not much appetite either so this could turn out to be my healthiest Christmas ever! 😂

  • I'm sorry to hear that you're unwell, but every cloud has a silver lining! It's mine and my hubbies first Christmas at home alone (daughter 21 years will be here for part of the time...) - visiting family and having elderly/unwell parents staying with us in the past has always scuppered plans. Really looking forward to being totally selfish and only having the two/three of us to cater for!

  • You deserve it.Happy Christmas and thank you for your unfailing efforts to keep us on the straight and narrow, well sometimes!

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