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Healthy Angiogram

Johnnyagar3st 7lbs

Hi Folks

Took a day off from Slimming World yesterday because I had to go for an Angiogram. Suffice to say had a great day eating and drinking stuff not normally allowed past my lips, including my much awaited Charlie Bingham's Fish Pie. Surely I had to put some weight back on.

Not only was my Angiogram a success with only a small anomaly requiring a daily statin tablet to mitigate but my Cholesterol count has gone down from Good to Better. That has got to be as a result of weight reduction so for those of you starting out on this kind of journey I cant recommend it more highly.

Ah you say, but did he put it back on again? No, I stepped gingerly back onto scales this morning and wow, I was still within limits for focused loss on Thursday. so just have to stick to the normal plan today and tomorrow and hope my scales are not deceiving me.

Stick in there weight watchers do not despair, just make it so.

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Very satisfying for you, Johnnyagar, and, as you say, encouragement to us all :)


Well done Johnnyagar, great motivation to keep going😀

YellowRose554st 7lbs

That is good to hear Johnnyagar that your Angiogram went well for you today and that your cholestrol count is down.

Enjoy your fishj pie today. :)

Well done and pleased to hear this. Although I have said I am having a break I am only going to do this by upping my calories to around 2000 calories to boost myself and re-start as I have come to a halt for the last couple of months and constantly going back and forth between 5lbs and something needs to be done to resolve this. I do hope this does but I also know that their have been times I have eaten out and eaten good items and bad items more bad at the beginning like a burger with a salad and I have found that I lost weight at these times. I was very shocked that this happened all times. I seem to lose more on weeks I eat out than when I only eat at home. I do not do the cooking myself at home but my husband is very good with what he does for my epilepsy. Good luck for further weight loss by Thursday for you.

Tiggerr10 kg
in reply to HubbysMissMouse

Sometimes those losses may well be the "whoosh effect" HubbysMissMouse ...

MelhallRestart June 2019

Glad to hear your test went well and you are seeing improvements. Thanks for giving us hope.

Johnnyagar3st 7lbs

Thanks Guys and Gals

Ceals3 stone

Great news from the angiogram.

You are so right it is not the odd day that causes the issue but the constantly eating/grazing on the wrong things.

Take care

Hope you enjoyed your fish pie, great to have the health benefits for all your hard work, well done.

I like Charlie Bighams fish pie too !!! I usually have mine with half a plate of steamed carrots, kale, green beans. Very yummy . Glad you had a good angiogram result. I was in a similar boat this time last year, even at my target weight I have some minor calcification and raised cholesterol, so diet and exercise aren't always enough, but certainly does help. Well done to you.

Johnnyagar3st 7lbs
in reply to elliebath

elleibath So good to here someone reiterating life. Yes we can never do too much to improve our chances of longevity and health.

I saw on TV Breakfast this morning an octogenarian who has won many medals running during his senior years and will continue for some time to come. He said that despite his fitness and success he has had 2 heart attacks, defibrillation and other coronary issues, but that his weight control and health have been a great part of staying fit and healthy to run another day.

in reply to Johnnyagar

Absolutely right. Hearts are funny things. My problem is most certainly familial , my father and grandfather both had two heart attacks and died in their 50s..

So like you I'm now taking a low dose statin (although the benefits are still unclear for older women) but I will see how things are at my next annual service.

Hope you have a happy healthy year too.

Johnnyagar3st 7lbs
in reply to elliebath

Oh yes elliebath, had I not been banned from the kitchen I too would have had half a plate of mixed veg too.

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