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Positive start

Well tomorrow I’m going to go shopping and get some veg etc I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and have egg and bacon for breakfast as it has low or no carbs and little to no sugar and very filling. For lunch will have some meat and veg or some homemade soup but no bread and for dinner some meat and veg with 50gms of carbs like whole meal rice to kick start my sugar free and low carb week am also going to try and do between 2000 and 5000 steps but have a dissertation to type so will see how that goes.

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Sounds good, Cazturner , I might come round to yours ;) I'm planning a bacon and egg breakfast, too.

Join us at the Sunday weigh-in tomorrow.

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Yayyy Caroline! You are Gona be so glad you started on this road if you stick with it!

Why don't you join us daily on daily diary and we can all support you making your plans every day for the next day?


Where do I find daily diary


Great start!! Good luck to you on your journey!


Week 1 is so exciting - welcome!! It sounds as if you have it covered. Welcome and good luck.


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