Week 1 food realisation

Well I started this diet Monday it's now Sunday and the main realisation I have had is Wow my portion sizes are out of control. Brought up as a child with don't waste food, eat everything on your plate and the food mountain that was put in front of you, after only 7 days I see where some of my mistakes have been happening. I generally eat well with the occasional splurge of naughty food but some of my food portions have been upto 4 times the regular amount.Weighing in tomorrow morning so looking forward to seeing what has been achieved. ( still feeling positive! )


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11 Replies

  • Well done a completing he first week Claresusan 😊. Portion distortion was my downfall too! Good luck for the weigh -in 😊

  • I think that's something that most of us were guilty of Claresusan :)

    Good luck at the weigh-in :)

  • Same here! We had little money growing up so wasting food wasn’t an option. I am now learning to put leftovers in the fridge to make pasta salads, fried rice with veg (frylight!) and slow cooker frittatas. My portions were way off! 😳 I think I will have to weigh stuff for a few more weeks to get it right.

  • Me too bought up with my parents saying "Eat up people are starving in other countries" or "You won't grow up big and strong" Lol. Well the BIG certainly made an impact. Smaller portion sizes now unless it's salad of course. Have a good Sunday and good luck for your weigh in😊

  • A timely reminder - must cook smaller portions! Smaller plates help too.

  • I still can’t bear to waste food, but fortunately the hens will eat just about anything left over (except chicken🐔😂)

  • We never had waste with hens. They eat everything! The meat scraps went in the dog. 😁

  • Ditto until July, when we lost our lovely Tinker aged nearly fifteen. Nothing went to waste. New pup arriving on 1st November, so eventually she will take over the waste disposal! 😄

  • The good thing is that you realised what was happening at the end of the first week. Good luck with your weigh in and have a great second week:)

  • Good for you in weighing in on Monday. You might surprise yourself. I too had to big of portions. Your second week measure food. Or just cut it down. Remember this you are doing great of what ever the scales saw on Monday.

  • Yes I had that sort of childhood and was expected to eat great doorsteps of bread to

    ‘ Make a meal out of it’

    my mother was a poor cook and this angered my father. Meal times were angry times .

    I remember mum trying to make a trifle, not letting each layer set. It looked like jellyfide vomit..


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