Made it! Phew!

I know this is no big deal to others but I've been on holiday (from work) for a week, ate out almost daily AND managed not only to make the right food choices BUT to abstain from wine!!!!

I've realised wine is a trigger, even after a single glass I have the urge to nibble on high sugar or salty snacks. I love to cook for friends and family my kitchen is the heart of the home where everyone congregates over food and chilled wine and I'm so proud that I've not slipped up yet hosted everyone else up while remaining strong enough to stick to iced water.

Despite it being 3am (foxes woke me!) I am now sleeping better, so much more energy, no anxiety, achieving more, in control, feeling more fit and healthy.

It's amazing what can be done by making a few small changes in your food/drink pattern.

P.S. Hope you all managed to get through Friday 13th without any problems! 😋


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7 Replies

  • Morning well done on making the right choices and abstaining from the alcohol

    It was a mouse that woke me scratching in the trap above my bed - it is now outside and will be taken for a drive later ;)

  • Eeeeek at mouse! We have an outdoor cat who thinks headless mice are best served - unwrapped as a gift on our doorstep! I keep telling her I would prefer a book token but no luck so far. 😋

  • All the fields have been cut and the mice have come in as normal - so we go through this every year, trying to find how they get it is a night mare

    Now if you cat listens and gets you a book token you will have a famous cat :)

  • They are annoying little things, manage to squeeze through the smallest crack/hole and can cause so much damage. I'm not a fan either!

    We seem to have a family of foxes in the area. They don't cause any damage but I hear them make the strangest noise... like a dog barking and new baby cry. 🤔

  • We have the deer making similar noises here at the moment :) so I know what you mean :)

  • Congrats! It's amazing to read how well you are doing... I've always personally found it easier to make these choices when off work or out of education for a few weeks as I have the freedom and lack of stress to influence bad decisions. Everyone deserves a treat but sometimes a healthier one can feel so much better!

    Again It's amazing and well done to you 😊

  • Hi Amanda

    You are doing so well and it’s great you feel it too

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