Newbie 1st weigh in


I'm restating. My weight today is 10st 2 1/2 lb waist 36inches ( I'm tiny barely reach 5ft)

I want to lose 2 stone in total ( recently lost 1/2 stone) but just thinking in half stone chunks, it seems more achievable that way.

I am 52 been diagnosed with fibromyalgia since 2008 this pain condition has limited my energy and movement. I also think this is why I'm pre diabetic.I have two daughters in university & recently got married again ( widowed in 2010)

I want to change things but I know it's going to take time, I have cut out a lot of junk food and eat a lot healthier now. I have a Fitbit which is motivating me to move more, still not hitting 10,000 steps a day but I will one day.

For once in my adult life I want to be a healthy weight for my size, I haven't achieved this since I was 21. I feel very motivated to change this.



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7 Replies

  • Hi Eme65

    Good luck with your weight loss journey. If you need extra support then why not join in with the Dialy Diary where everyone shares their own plans for the day and any tips along the way. If you look in the Topic section you will see a range of recipes that will help you plan your day. You can do this! :)

  • Good luck for your journey!

  • Welcome!

  • Brilliant that you have found the forum Eme65 it is full of such helpful and inspirational people. Well done for cutting the junk food, you will feel such a benefit for that.

    Just take the steps a few more at a time. There are many days I don't do my 10,000 steps, in fact i miss it more than hit it. Don't beat yourself up for it just try to do a few more steps every day.

    I keep thinking about getting a fit bit but haven't taken the plunge yet, maybe one day I will.

  • Hi and welcome! Good luck!

  • Congratulations on your marriage. This is probably a very good time to tackle any excess weight, before marital contentment and the menopausal years get too firm a hold.

    I gained 2 stone in my fifties until I eventually woke up to it , then by counting calories and online support I managed to lose 2 1/2 stone in my early sixties.

    I now feel ten years younger. You will too, go for it !

  • Hi everyone

    Thank you for your replies.

    I have been ill last couple of weeks ( fibromyalgia flare up) & missed my Thursday weigh ins.

    I have lost a pound a week & now weigh 9 stone 12.5, from 10.2 , slow progress but I'm happy it's coming off.

    I'm not sure how to add these losses to the group, so I will have to wait until next Thursday.

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