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Hi I've just joined the group and looking forward to changing to a healthier lifestyle. I'm currently 2stone overweight 😕 and starting to suffer with certain health problems! I'm not great at cooking/recepies, is there any simple plan I can follow with easy recipes that show the calories/quantity I need to stay under my allowance for the day? Thanks

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Hello and welcome Hidden

This is a wonderful supportive community and the more you join in and support others the more you get back 😊

Please join us in the October Newbie Club here healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

There you will all the information you need to navigate the forum, find correct calorie allowance, join weigh ins and how to find recipes etc 😊

There are also some great easy recipes on the change4life website. I also think the Daily Diary will help you, it’s posted every evening in Events and is where we plan the following days meals

Good luck and best wishes in your journey


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