Salmon fillet and Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables

Salmon fillet and Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables

Tonights dinner:

Salmon fillet (191 cals) baked in foil

Red onion, black garlic, red, green and red peppers, courgette (117 cals)

roasted in a table spoon of olive oil (128 cals) and broccolli with green beans (24 cals).

460 calories

The black garlic was amazing! My sister bought it for my birthday:


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18 Replies

  • That looks really yummy and you have just given me a idea for Thursday dinner, thanks. :)

  • The power of sight is not something to take for granted.

    When you read the description it's like "yeah that sounds okay". Then you see the photo with the colours and it becomes "wow that looks fab. I could eat that right now" :)

  • So true, and eating such lush food that doesn't overstimulate insulin/IGF-1 will help safeguard eyesight.

  • This is my kind of food. Looks delicious

  • Delish - and I've not heard of black garlic before - sounds good and I'll have to look some out!

  • Very sweet - almost caramel toffee flavoured! No need to cook - we added it at the end just so that it was warmed through.

  • Have you tried putting whole garlic bulbs in the oven - the cloves go dark brown like sticky garlic flavoured toffee :)

    Edit - I just looked at the black garlic link and there's definitely a connection between these two methods! Mine is maybe a little more straightforward to do yourself, although I imagine you don't get the same taste experience :)

  • No, not tried it, but perhaps I will do!

    I've had this sitting next to my onions for about a year (over a year actually!) so felt it was time to use some of it!

  • Sounds amazing! I also found this link which tells you how to make your own black garlic - but I'm afraid it takes 14 days!! I think your idea of roasting the bulbs, Ruth. is more practical!

  • Any idea where you can get it, please, Pineapple27 ? I'd love to try it. And did it have the same after effect on the breath as using fresh garlic, or is it more people friendly?!

  • You can buy it online (search black garlic). As for the breath - both hubbie and I had it so we can't tell - but I am off to choir today, so if I don't any anyone sitting near me..... :D :D

  • Lol!

    Edit: Just found an article in the online Telegraph ( which says you can buy it in Selfridges - but it is very expensive (which of course it would be, if you buy there). Also says that there is no bad breath syndrome!

  • Looks lovely! Shows healthy food can look and taste nice too 👍

  • As usual, Pineapple, that looks delish. What did you sprinkle on the baked salmon, please?

  • A little olive and a special herb "fish mix" from Greece that was sent to us by my sister-in-law (sorry, it's in a plastic bag without any label - sister-in-law just translated that it was for fish - but the ingredients are all in Greek). She got them from her local market.

  • It sounds yummy.

  • That looks delicious Pineapple. I have had black garlic and wasn't impressed, maybe I didn't get a good one so will try again.

  • Only just seen this, funnily enough I had salmon baked in foil with Mediterranean roasted veg for my lunch today - very tasty - my cat thought so too as he sat staring hungrily as I ate every bite 😂😹

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