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Eating out

Hi all,

I really like going out into the community and seeing the latest films

But I still struggle by not saying where I am.but I'm getting more support with that

it probably won't happen but please give me a few tips on how to choose a meal to eat at the cinema,because McDonald's,nandos,kfc,Chinese,burger king,is all on my door stop.any ideas message me


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Why not eat before you go out, Becky and just watch the movie, without eating?


Wont happen


Is there a reason for that?


No time


EllaMidlands has made some useful suggestions if you can only ever eat out at the places you mention.

As you are short on time there are a number of places that will sell tasty healthy pre-made meals that are calorie counted.

Alternatively, have a look at making room for eating at home. If there's no time at one end of the day, have a look at the other end and pre-preparing.


Hi Becky, yes always let someone know where you are what time your getting home, maybe a flatmate or support worker, safety first.

I find having a diet drink fills you up, or popcorn a small amount.

Take care x


Nando's is okay if you have chicken without chips, rice. Sweet potato wedges are a better choice than chips. They do good salads but watch the dressing. In McDonald's you can order salad instead of fries.

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Check online for menus of any other places around the same area. You can make a good choice in your own time and may be able to phone before you get there so the food is ready for you.


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