First day of new lifestyle

Woho. Day one has been a success. Calories are only 1647. Plenty of veg and fruit eaten but still had a cheeky small bowl of ice cream. It’s too early to completely cut out the treats but I’m happy with just an ice cream rather than ice cream, a choc bar etc like I would do previously. Let’s hope I can keep this trend. Wishing all fellow newbies all the best of luck and courage to keep on our new paths xx


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7 Replies

  • Glad to hear day one has gone well for you

    Always best to make changes slowly ☺

  • keep it cool and slow n steady

  • Well done on your day 1.

    If most of your eating is healthy then I'd say go ahead and have that ice cream. I've spent 8 months now having a small portion of dessert nearly every day. Still managed to lose 18kg.

    Best of luck to you too Our-nats

  • Oh wow. That’s an impressive weight loss. I hope I can do as well as you. Congratulations

  • Thank you and you can definitely do it.

    I did it because this forum was the additional willpower that I've always previously lost after a few days or weeks. Staying in touch is key.

  • Congratulations, you can this, take it one day at a time. Good luck ☺

  • Day 2 and 3 have gone well and even managed to sneak in an half an hour bike ride. So glad my determination is winning so far. I’m just so dog tired all the time. Being so shattered and trying to change your lifestyle is not easy. I’m just hoping doing one will help the other. This constant fatigue is really starting to get to me. ( I have been feeling like this for months). Can anyone recommend some good pick me up foods that isn’t chocolate etc please? Hope your all doing well and thank you in advance x

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