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Saturday weigh in

happy bloke this morning weighed in at 82 kgs lost about 1.5kgs now come the work of keeping it off. After a week of just being sensible and cutting down on the carbs a bit. breakfast of fruit and yoghurt snacks of energy bites, salads for lunch, dinner of fish chicken and a veggie day sadly no chips or roast potatoes. daily exercise of head shoulders knees and toes and a bit of walking that's every day. look for ward to next week fingers crossed good deed I cut the next doors lawn.

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Well done on your weight loss - are you weighing in on a Saturday? If you are go to the events section and click on today's weigh in and post in there ;)

Sounds like a very balanced diet - However when on a low carb diet I still have a few cards as I can't go totally without, so I will have a couple of boiled potatoes a couple of times in the week :)


thanks yes I will go to the events I do plan to post next Saturday 16/9


Well done and go you!!! :)


hi.. well done on losing this week..... you are more than welcome to join us in the saturday weighin today to log your weight today x


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