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ready to give up

In reply to moreless, (I think I have found the correct site) today my menu is :-


tesco muesli 50g 165cal

blueberries 57 cal

fat free yoghurt 55cal total 277 cal


ww soup 96cal

1 slice of bread 96 cal

1 banana 105

alpro soy custard 81 total 378

Dinner morrisons gammon steak 120 cal

1 bread 96 cal

1 fried egg 92 cal

heinz 50% less sugar beans 134 cal total 442 cal

treat unsweetened capuccino &

1 square of 85% lindt dark chocolate 109 cal

total for the day 1215 cal.

I would normally have fromage frais after lunch but I had some alpro custard leftover from my husbands dessert yesterday (don't do desserts).

I would be interested moreless what you think of this todays menu.

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Unfortunately, kbed, you probably found the correct thread, but clicked on write a post, which should say start a thread! When you get back to the Daily Diary, scroll down to the bottom of the thread, reading other menus, for good ideas and when you get to the last reply box, put your menu where it says 'leave a comment' :)

Please don't take offence at any comments I make about your menu, as they're intended as constructive criticism and are designed to help you.

The first thing that stands out, is that there are no vegetables, or salad stuff.

If this was my menu, the changes that I would make are:

Breakfast - porridge, blueberries, double cream - 310

Lunch - homemade veg soup, 2 oatcakes and butter, 2 satsumas - 405

Dinner - Gammon steak, sweet potato, then lots of veg, eg broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, courgette, cabbage, spinach, etc. - 550

Snacks - 2 coffees with cream, 1 sq choc - 330

Total calories - 1595

I hope this helps :)

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thank you moreless that is my menu for today, I do have a salad with chicken 3 times a week & when my husband is on early shift to have dinner with me we have meat & 3 veg twice a week I also eat plenty of fruit grapes, nectarines, peaches this weekend end I had stewed victoria plums with alpro soya custard as they are in season not added sugar. When my husband is at home once a week we either have spag bol, chilli con carne or chicken curry small portions for me though, I think the most calories in a day I have is a sunday roast with yorkshires no potatoes about 1450 cals & I feel pogged!! I will take on board what you are saying it just takes getting my head round all those calories, thank you for all your help & advice to you & others who have replied to me it means a lot.


I would always choose vegetables and salad stuff over fruit, because most fruit contains a lot of fructose (sugar).

I eat masses of salad and veggies, every day, but very little fruit and what I do eat, is mainly berries.

If you stop buying low fat, which generally has added sugar for flavour and replace with full fat and cook with natural fats, you'll increase your calories, without adding bulk at all.

Try to reduce your carbs and replace simple carbs with complex carbs.

Log onto the Daily Diary regularly, for hints and tips.

Good luck! :)


thanks moreless could you explain simple carbs versus complex carbs it is a bit confusing

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This might help, kbed :)



Good ideas!


Do t give up!! That is not an option. You owe it to yourself to give it a good month of trying. You will lose and get excited about the days to come.