Lesson learned!!! Don't over estimate your abilities!!

Hi Everyone, well as I've mentioned in my previous post or threads I have made an exercise step and weighed in my Lump hammers to use as dumbbells. As I mentioned my mate also gave me a pair of Dumbbells which I elected to use on Tuesday night as part of my step exercises, now this appears to have been a mistake, The dumbbells I was given weighed in at 5 and a 1/2 lbs each and although I completed the exercise routine that night without any issues, yesterday I had aches in my calf muscles and biceps, well the aches in my legs went with no further problems, however my biceps are still on fire and the muscles are still tight so much so that I cannot fully straighten my arms, especially my left one. Now It's no good closing the gate when the horse has bolted, or moaning about it as I know it will pass (I had the same thing a few years ago when I came back from football training). My point is even though I thought 5 1/2 lbs was nothing during the exercise I have found that it has now set me back, I should have gone with the 2 lb lump hammers and gently over time built myself up to the 5 1/2 lb ones, so be warned start off light (even if you feel that the light weights are not having any benefit to your work out) and work your way up to the heavier weights. That said it didn't deter me from at least improving the environment in my garage where I work out. I spent most of my late teens and early twenties in Disco's (yes 'Disco's' not 'Night clubs' and always loved the light shows, this gave me an idea! I knew that I had a set of three 'sound to light' discos lights in the loft that my kids bought me years ago, so I dug them out and fitted them into my garage ceiling above where I work out, I also had a 5 metre length of Red/green/blue and white LED ribbon lights that were purchased for house Christmas lights last year and never used, so up they went as well so now it is like being on a dance floor (ish with a bit of imagination). It has been mentioned in a post I have seen this morning that some people don't like working out at home and I think some of it it is because there isn't normally a special place that makes the home work out inviting, so my reason for putting up the multi coloured lights is that now when I switch them on and turn off the garage strip lights, it changes the atmosphere making it a nicer place to work out, and they also flash and change colour with the music I play through the stereo, so it does in my opinion make a difference and a better place to exercise. It takes the harshness from what is at the end of the day a dressed up garage that also doubles up as my workshop, and not a megga bucks home Gym.

All the best.


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  • Give yourself time to heal NinjaW78 as it really does sound like you over did it with those 51/2 lbs dumb bells. Go back to the lump hammers for a while. Your garage is sounding great with all those lights up and what a fun way to exercise with disco lights flashing! :)

    Have a good week.

  • I think you have just said in one sentence what I was trying to explain in my novel :-) and that is "the exercise needs to be fun" and that is what I'm trying to achieve by changing the ambiance for when I do work out.

    Have a good week your self, what's left of it.

  • You are truly creative and must be full of life NinjaW78! Remember to always do some stretching routine immediately you workout to minimize the soreness/aches. All the best!

  • Will do, I should remember this from my football days, it must be an age thing Memories going :-)

  • I've been reading your recent posts and really admire your inventiveness. You've given me some good ideas as to how I can start enjoying some exercise at home. I have a bike but am very nervous on the roads. I'm confident driving but feel vulnerable out on the road. My daughter has this machine which adapts your bike so you can pedal without going anywhere. Like an exercise bike, so I'm going to see if I can borrow that. Don't think she's ever used it.

    I've got my own "woman shed" at the bottom of the garden, usually used for crafty things but I'm sure I can find a corner to put my 🚴.

    I could also use the bottom stair for stepping. Then run up and down them at intervals .

    Thanks so much and good luck with your weight loss.

  • Hi Morgancando

    I have looked on 'youtube' recently on how to make a rolling road for my bike as well, and it looks fairly basic to do. BUT, I've also watched people who have a purpose built ones, and it would appear that getting the bike going you need to have the rolling road parallel next to a wall so when you get on the bike you can stabilise your self and the bike whilst you get pedaling and the bike up to speed, and then take you hand off the wall once your balance is sorted, some of the videos I have seen have not gone well, where people have got on the bike without support and started pedaling , as the bike picks up speed there is always some wobbling and this has led to them falling off, although its amusing to watch it looks painfull :-(. however if your daughters machine is the one where you remove the front wheel and fix it to the rolling chassis then you wouldn't have that issue, but check out Youtube

    The title is as follows:

    (How To Cycle On The Rollers - Indoor Bike Training With Rochelle Gilmore)

    Kind Regards.


  • Sorry to reply again, but "WOMAN SHED" I Like that :-)

  • I should read the replies all the way through then I wouldn't keep picking up on little things.

    You mention using the bottom step on your stairs and then running up and down, When I started making the step and tested it I found that I heated up really quickly because there was no movement of air passed me, Unless you have an open plan stairwell most stairs are a fairly closed environment without much air circulation. How I got round my issue was to put a desk top fan ( that was in the conservatory) on my bench in front of where I work out and directed that straight out at me whilst I exercise, I found this kept me cool and I was always breathing fresh circulated air, you might be able to do the same in your "woman cave" by sitting a fan on a chair?

    Just a thought

  • Brilliant ideas Morgancando

  • Thanks for looking into it for me Mick. I better check it out. I've a feeling you do take the front wheel off though.

    Meant to say, hope you're feeling better after overdoing the weights. I'm going to try with small water bottle filled with sand and see how that goes!

    Thanks again

  • That will work just as well, but don't make them to heavy. As I mentioned at the time I thought every thing was OK but now I'm suffering, do your exercise with light weight "home made" dumbbells and if your arms are not tired the following day then just increase the weight fractionally, however if half way through your exercise you can feel a strain in your arms, STOP!!! don't carry on as I did. :-(

    Good luck, I'd be interested to see how you get on.

    All the best

  • You too. I'll keep you updated

  • I was just going to suggest that Morgancando 😊 My wrist weights are 500g and that's plenty to begin with, I'm looking to go,up to 1kg next. I read somewhere, for women it's better to go lighter but have more reps, not sure if thats true but it's what I do.

  • Good point Anna61. I've Just weighed a tin of beans 481g so that might be a good start. Need to get rid of my bingo wings lol

  • Don't eat some of the beans though if you think the tin is to heavy, I think that would be defeating the object of why we are here. :-)

  • Oh you spoil sport NinjaW78 lol

  • So what's my excuse, I don't play bingo!!!!!!!! :-)

  • Ha ha

  • Lol πŸ˜‚

  • My daughter's on holiday at the moment Mick so will ask her about borrowing her Roller Road when she get's back.

  • What a fab idea!

    You remind me of Caratscus Potts the inventor in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    I love hearing about your gym innovations

  • Love it! The disco lighting and changing the garage that is - not the tight muscles.

    I now row in the garage and actually quite enjoy it being out of the house and where there is a bit of space, peace and quiet - I row early morning before anyone else is around.

    I look forward to the next instalment.

  • Considering what I'm using this space for in conjunction with it's original purpose, my theory is to personalise it a bit takes away the starkness of what the building or room is actually for, and if you can do that then it becomes a nice place to be.

  • That's inspired Mick!

    May I suggest belting out ' Get Up Offa That Thing' (see what I did there?) πŸ˜† by the late great James Brown, as an aid to ramping up your exercise routine?

    Never mind this new fangled rubbish ... πŸ˜‚ ... disco is the best music ... ever!

    Don those flares ... comb that fro ... and hit the floor!!

  • Don't get me wrong I love any kind of music, right from the sixties through to present day but I have some Classic 70's/80's Disco ,Motown,Northern soul, and not forgetting Rock that would give Usain Bolt a sweat on! but they will come out once I have got into a routine where I don't feel like I've been attacked by the England rugby back row every time I finish my exercise.

  • Couldn't agree more Needtodosomething.

  • Brilliant! Shame about your aching muscles but I love the lights! My gym does most of it's scheduled classes under disco lights. It's definitely a winner...and the music always helps. Saying that we worked out outdoors last night as it's summer and the only sound was laughter 😎

    Make sure you warm up a bit before you go into your routine and have a good stretch after. Am sure you can find some ideas on YouTube.


  • We need a photo NinjaW78 😊 It sounds fabulous! Have fun 😊

  • Don't get me wrong it is a garage/workshop so don't expect to much, but I'll see if I can get a good photo tonight and post it in the morning, don't worry I won't be in the shot I wouldn't put that stress on anyone. :-)

  • The suspense is killing me! I bet you feel like you're having visitors over and you've got to clean up before we arrive. Don't worry we won't look at the dust lol

  • It's a shame you can only upload photo's because I'm sure the effect would be better if it was a video, then the fans, lights and music would be in action

  • Don't worry! We'll all just pop round later. Is 8oclock ok?

  • If you can make it to Cornwall by then be my guest. I'll have a tin of beans and a spoon waiting for you!!!! :-)

  • Thanks for that but I'll bring my own spoon.

    My daughter is in Cornwall visiting her partner's family at the mo. I love Cornwall!

  • make sure its a big spoon, i've got a party can :-)

  • Ha ha. Seriously I'll look forward to seeing your picture.

  • It's good to laugh every now and then, I'll see what I can do with the photo.

    Have a good day what's left of it

  • I'm about 1000 miles away!!! I see why you need a fan, I just open a window and let the North Sea breeze cool me down 😊

  • Spoilsport NinjaW78 id love to see a photo of you in your flares . . . Lol πŸ˜‚

  • Flares, oh no not me at school I was Oxford Bags, then wrangler jeans which I lived in for years after that

  • Oh my! Wrangler jeans, I bet you had the jacket too, with badges on and embroidery on the back saying Rainbow or Deep Purple πŸ˜‚

  • Spot on! don't forget the Rolling Stones red tongue, and Black Sabbath and Led Zepplin badges, then it was down to the local Village hall disco on a Friday night, stand in a group of like minded teenagers and pretend to be playing a guitar whilst shaking our heads to what ever rock song was playing, then walk away with a massive head ache (Those were the days :-) ) yes I wore the jeans until they were faded almost white and threadbare with holes everywhere, now my 16 year old daughter pays a fortune for brand new jeans off the shelf that are a thread bare????, the only difference is got wear out of mine, hers ripped completely in a few weeks. I don't get it, but hey its her money.

  • Oh that sounds so familiar!! All the guys at one end, all the girls at the other, πŸ˜‚ But such great music 🎸🎼😊

  • I remember it well Anna61

    I also remember when my oldest daughter was about 14 that's 29 years ago ( I feel so old) she went shopping with friends and came home with a pair of ripped jeans and I marched her back to the shop to complain. She was mortified!!! We got the money back though.

  • Ooooh lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • When I saw my daughters jeans I almost asked her where the rest of the material was, I could have made a pair of shorts there was that much missing.

  • Dread to think my mum thought about me going out wearing not much more than a belt for a skirt in the sixties!

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