Kicking the K's Mini Challenge - Walking buddies. 14th-20th August

Kicking the K's Mini Challenge - Walking buddies. 14th-20th August

It's great to be back after a few weeks break in Scotland - I'm excited to be hosting all three challenged this week!

I thought as seeing how all my exercise recently has been a shared activity, I'd make it This week share any any exercise you have done alongside someone else. Human or furry!

Photo of you + pet exercising - 200

Unexpected/Unusual exercise buddy -300

Photo of you and friend/family member -400

Photo of you and someone else exercising - 500

(100 bonus for those collages!)

So I've realised this one really is a challenge... 😂 Feel free to take creative liberties, and use shadows, silhouettes etc....!

Have fun everyone!

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11 Replies

  • Well this is going to be a challenge- looking through whatever photos I have since I am not one for taking photos but I'm sure I've been tagged in some on facebook. Its looks like you had a very activity filled holiday and you had good weather as well which is a bonus!

  • Yes - sorry realised this may be a tricky one for some! Feel free to use shadows or silhouettes - or a clever creative alternative :)

  • Hi victoria-anne,

    Great that your hosting all the Challenges this week - and this one looks like an interesting one. I know for certain that my 'walking buddy hubby' won't want to be photographed, so I will need to consider alternatives... lol

    But I'll have a think, and hopefully come up with a solution...

    Zest :-)

    p.s. I forgot to say, your collage is so lovely - and you have a range of happy walking buddies. Lovely family pics. :-)

  • I've added that people are free to use shadows or silhouettes etc! :)

    Thankyou - we had a lovely time!!

  • Hi again victoria-anne,

    Here is my entry:

    Zest :-)

  • Ooooh thinking cap is on!!! 😊

  • well after some furious searching on facebook I managed to find some photos and it was nice since found some photos I had forgotten were on my facebook page!

  • Here's my entry, Victoria -Anne

  • This is Brea's lovely entry :)

  • Here is my entry

    I've tried to include all the above criteria, the only 'unusual' one is the photo of my nieces in the gable end on the 'Donnie' in Portsoy, up here in NE Scotland.

    Thank you for setting the challenge victoria-anne 😊

    Onwards and downwards

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