Healthy Low calorie Puddings

Hi guys,

Any suggestions for a healthy low Calorie pudding. My husband loves puddings, but I'm trying to loose weight, so need something that suits us both. His BMI is 23, despite his pudding eating!

I have frozen berries and apples, and was going to make a crumble with sugar only on the topping and added oats. About 400kcals for small portion. He can then add ice cream, cream etc!

Any other ideas? Frozen berry sorbet maybe? D xx


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11 Replies

  • Meringues are good with fruit and half fat creme fraiche.

  • Liking that, sort of an Eton mess. Never made my own meringues, but have some eggs in might give it a go!

  • If you have a sweet tooth then having a small amount is vital to prevent feeling deprived. Portion control is the key. I make crumble in ramekins to control the size, plus everyone gets a lovely crispy edge!

    Filo pastry makes good pies, meringues are good, and anything with fruit and no added sugar, pears and peaches are excellent. And remember full fat yogurt and cream are excellent accompaniments as they're full of good healthy fats 😊

  • How do you make your crumble ?

  • I have sugar free jelly,(9kcal for 145g), fat free greek yoghurt (45-55kcal depending on brand) with 2 teaspoons maple syrup (35kcl) or sweetner with some summer berries on the top (20kcls for about 20g. tastes yum

  • What about pancakes with fruit and your husband could add ice cream

  • I have a sweet tooth (actually an anything tooth..) so I always have sugar free jelly and caramel rice cakes in the cupboard. There is usually some fruit around that needs using up, so fruit jelly, feels like a treat especially with a little ice cream.

  • Some great ideas! I'm liking pancakes, jelly, meringues......

  • At the risk of sounding contrary, I eat whatever pudding I want (predominantly homemade fruit crumbles) but make sure that the portion keeps me within my daily calorie limit. The only change since I've started maintaining is that I may have a splodge of cream or a sprinkle of sugar with my desserts now.

    Intriguingly, your crumble is exactly how I make mine.

  • i make a sugar free dairy free choc mousse for my kids which is avocado, raw cacao, coconut oil and optional banana.

  • I have high cholesterol and got great ideas from a Lower Your Cholesterol cookery book. It has lots of ideas for using fruit You could also do a google search💗

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