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Another milestone!!!

I am happy with my my progress so far! I do lose weight slowly but I am loving the fact that its finally dropping. I have lost an additional 2.3kgs within the last three weeks making my cumulative loss 7.6kgs within the last 5months. Admin, hoping that I have qualified for another new badge?

I attribute my success to close monitoring of my calories within my daily range of 1477-1899, I settled for a daily target of at least 1,700, this gives me room on the days I go overboard. I finally got to know and accept the reality that I was overeating. In addition, I limited my snacking completely and done away with chocolates, tea with milk and sugar. So three main meals has really helped me curb emotional/comfort eating. Going forward, I hope to reduce my carb intake especially white rice which I eat almost daily and incorporate more exercise to my daily routine.

I also want to celebrate the members who share the ups and downs of their journey because it has truly motivated me to stay the course. All the very best to you all!

Great day ahead!

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Very well done matets you are doing very well 😊 2.6 kegs in three weeks is a perfect rate of loss and faster than many! The next badge you will get is 10kg as you already have the 5kg one.

I agree totally about eating enough and curbing the snacking, that really helps me too 😊

Have a good day


Thank you IndigoBlue61!


well done you... you are making really good progress.. .. keep going x

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