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Farm Shopping

Farm Shopping

Inspired by Anna61's thread and being somewhat fed up with the packaged produce from the nearest supermarket some 10 miles away, I gave the local farm shop a look to see what was on offer.

I came back with a similar selection to what was in her photo, plus an artichoke..... (which was a disaster waiting to happen. By the time I had peeled the hard layers off as per the video and attempted to remove the "choke" there was nothing left to cook, a lesson learned and I still have no idea what they taste like.)

Doughnut peaches and satsumas for the other half could not be ignored and as someone who rarely touches fruit, I must say the peach is delicious....

Not only was the fruit and veg a better quality but actually cheaper as I can buy any amount I want rather than a pack. there is even an instore meat department from which I purchased 2 lamb kebabs and a small portion of beef stir fry. The lamb we had with jacket potato, cottage cheese, grilled tomato and mushroom, the stir fry will be tonight with "one cal" olive oil spray. I can see this being a frequent trip and next time I will explore the "weigh and pay" frozen section.

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Sounds like a really successful trip! You've definitely got some tasty looking fruits there.... ;)

When cooking artichoke, I steam them BEFORE peeling off the leaves and digging out the choke. It makes the whole process much easier! Then when you peel off the leaves you can eat bite off the bit of the meat that's at the bottom end of the leaf. My Mom always served them with melted butter for dipping and an empty bowl for the leaves. I know butter's not exactly healthy, but I can't think what else you could use that would be healthier (as otherwise I've heard of using mayo :O ).

Failing that, I have found artichoke hearts canned in water at the grocery store in the vegetable aisle, which saves a lot of the work, but isn't fresh. Still, it's better for you than the kind in oil! :)

Good luck with your further Fresh Food Adventures! :D


Well done SuffolkBobby! Healthy eating all the way.


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